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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

swirly brain activity

i've written about a million blog posts in my head.

in the shower.

awkward, i know.

and every time i sit down to write, i have about a million other things that need to be done, and blogging seems so frivolous.

lots is going on and i believe we're on the brink of a new beginning. and by we, i mean the hubster and i, our business, my new business, and much, much more.

hence the swirling brain activity.

i have this innocent-looking miniature dachshund. well, actually, i have three. and they're all rather innocent-looking, but they pack waaaaay more personality into their squatty little bodies than should be in a package that small.
the smallest, and newest, bailey, is pretty much a party waiting to happen. she loves toys. and stuffed animals. and disembowling stuffed animals. especially if they squeak. she will work it until the squeaker is destroyed, and polyester fiberfill is strewn all about.

she is a ruthless little thing. all innocent-looking, but with a heart like ice–when it comes to squeaky toys.

so today, i had a weak moment in the krogers. little toys were on sale, so i bought one that looked like it could withstand jaws-o-death.
but the real question is… can i withstand the ear assault as she works to try to de-squeak this toy? because it has a squeaking mechanism that looks indestructible.

i seriously have had to put this toy up three or four times today because i cannot hear my brain swirling.

innocent… hah! what a joke.


  1. Sounds like home, Skye has distroyed each plush she got. It has looked like snow each day in house home, I am bending and picking up all day long. She has to have hard toys. I think she actually has two that she can't kill! That is a cute one you found. (she does have fun working on them!)

  2. "Put this toy up," I love it! You are truly a southern girl. Cheeseheads put things away...

  3. Our dog is the same way. We banned squeakers a long time ago! He finds whatever he can to destroy now. Bucket got a Mr. Potato Head for Xmas and the dog immediately destroyed an ear. *GRRRR*

  4. hey there..Im a new follower...we have a boston terrier and hes a toy playing, doll fetching, crazy wild we only buy no noise toys...but that one is cute..!!

  5. I can so relate to this, I myself have a squeek toy destroyer and find myself in the dog toy section looking for that one toy he can't destroy "not". He may be tiny but those teeth destroy all!!! I even found myself a toy that guaranteed he would not be able to destroy, that guarantee went out the!
    Yours in Health,


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