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Friday, December 4, 2009

waiting and watching

if you're like me, 'tis the season for just about everything. baking, crafting, corresponding, decorating, fellowshipping, working (yeah, life goes on, right?), singing, and all things bustley. it can be a super-crazy time of year. chuck in a couple of birthdays (the hubster, me and the brother in law, oh, and jesus, too) and i have the makings of a holiday panic attack. (not that i haven't been struggling with that here for the past few weeks…)
except that i let go a looooong time ago having to have the perfect christmas. the decorations just right. the holiday correspondence with the cute family photograph all addressed and written and ready to go out in the post. (excuse me, but we got a christmas card on nov 30!! who is that organized??) and on. and on. and on…
last year i attended an advent retreat. i didn't think i could afford the time, but i did it, and i was so glad i went.
i'm going again this year, and i'm really looking forward to just slipping my holiday self into neutral as i coast into a lovely weekend with lovely women all focusing on what this holiday season is all about.
so i'm going to sit. and be. and watch and wait.
be patient as i wait for Him to breathe His presence into my heart.
because that's pretty hard for him to do when i'm a whirling dervish of martha-ness flailing about. nothing is impossible for God, but it helps so much when i slow down to make room.

so my cookies will wait.
my home-made chex mix will wait.
my wrapping will wait.
my christmas cards will wait (and probably be late, but oh well).

but my heart will be right.
and the fact that i'm recovering from a massive kidney infection has made it slightly easier for me to slow down.

so enjoy your weekend. i'm going to bask in His glory all weekend long. i can't wait (although advent is all about waiting after all…) to see what He has to say.


  1. that sounds very relaxing {sounds like you need it--hope you're feeling better}

  2. Yikes- hope you are feeling better! I actually usually mail my cards so that people get them on black friday. But this year with the girls being sick in October and then me in November- I haven't got a single pic taken of them together. :( On the upside- if this is one... I also haven't received a single card yet. but that makes me kind of sad. I always try to focus on family, friends, and fun in December- if something doesn't support those three things it can wait until January. ;)

  3. LADY! I think your infection is a GOOD indicator that it's time to slow down! You need to take it easy, and cut out some of that stuff that is sucking the life out of you, because that is NOT the way you are to be spending your time!


    Ok... now I will tell you how much I love you and I believe in you... and... yeah... you better freakin' slow down! :)

    When I had panic attacks, I deduced the ambien was the cause. I weaned off of that and haven't had an incident since. I don't envy anyone with them... they are awful!

  4. hi friend....i've missed computer was on the fritz so i have been spending my time backing up pictures and all the things that are on my computer that i need....i got everything to an external hard drive and hubby surprised with a MacBook! yea! So now I am back and my pictures and things have a new home. And i needed a new phone since my old contract was up and my phone was no longer working the now i have a new little iphone who makes checking on my favorite sites so fun. and easy to use with my enjoy your weekend and take care of yourself and get better and make some Christmas memories...

  5. Thank you for this reminder. This is definitely something I needed to be reminded of. Like you, we have a number of family birthdays along with Christmas preparations. I have allowed myself to worry too much about money lately and not focus enough on the season.

    <3 Thank you again.

  6. Oh, and I hope you're recovering well from your kidney infection - yikes!

  7. great post. I could have written it myself. I think sometimes all too often we get caught up in all the hoopla and don't take time out to really focus on the reason for the season. :)


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