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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Praise You In This Storm

photo by bamagirl
i haven't been able to write. i haven't been able to collect my thoughts. my heart has been a tornado of emotions for a week now.
bamagirl returned home friday morning, having spent the night in gadsen with friends the night before. she arrived home, quiet and still somewhat in shock. by saturday night, she was ready to pack a small bag and head back on sunday, and she would have if her car hadn't been in the shop {completely unrelated to the tornado… miraculously, her car didn't have a scratch on it. not. a. scratch.}. she left monday after we filled her car with donated clothing, water and groceries.
tuesday, it rained. a miserably wet and cold day. she worked through the greek system at school and fed people and then went out with friends to offer their services in a neighborhood. in her words: 
"what a humbling experience... words and pictures cannot describe what has happened here, but I know that God is in this town more than ever! We need him in the calm just as much as in the storm."
 alabama has this bitter rivalry between schools. UA's Crimson Tide vs Auburn Tigers. bitter is putting it mildly. when alabama won the national championship two years ago, the ones cheering against UA the loudest were from auburn. and alabama returned the favor with glee as auburn weathered the cam newton drama while winning the championship. venom reigned in the state of alabama. 
but not now. i've never seen a group assemble so quickly and mobilize forces more effectively than the Toomers for Tuscaloosa facebook group that is 80,000 strong. a house divided has become a house united. it's been awesome to watch.

april has been a fantastically destructive month. floods along the mississippi. fires in texas. tornadoes throughout the southeast. people are hurting. so many have been affected and as we look at the destruction, it can be overwhelming. we can all help in some way or fashion. we can donate resources. we can give blood. we can pray. we can encourage. 
and we can praise Him in this storm. may He get all the praise and glory.


  1. I'm trying to decide if I should show the video to our kids. It would help them know where their dollars are going, but would it scare them too much?

    Hard to say. Thank you for sharing your daughter's experience of her sudden mission trip...

  2. Praying for your family today.

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  4. Oops. Sorry I should really proof read:)

    (((HUGS))) It breaks my heart.
    Prayers to you all.

    I love that song by Casting Crowns, Praise you in the storm. AMEN

  5. I can't watch the video because I'm afraid it will set off a panic attack. My thoughts are with all those affected and I am touched by the joining of forces for the good of all.


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