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Sunday, October 11, 2009

disappearing act

i haven't disappeared. i'm just snowed under by work with our new store opening up in a week. i must focus and support the family. . . for such a time as this. on a crazy schedule right now, but soon it will all be under control.
the world continues to rotate without my blogging, much to my narcissistic dismay.
i miss you, friends, but will be back soon.
until then, i send you greetings from the bottom of a huge pile of work!


  1. I've missed you!! Come on girlfriend - sneak a post in now and then, will ya?? Sending love from SW Colorado! xo

  2. Hello! My school bag is in the trunk. I will be buried soon, but I'm going to blog first...

    Nice priorities eh?

    And Oh NO! Mac doesn't think he'll get into UT. Pray please! It is where I want him to go. Very ala Risky Business, he looked at me last night and said, "There's always UW Milwaukee!"

    Keep working...

  3. Take you time, those things should always come first. We're not going anywhere.


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