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Friday, October 30, 2009

my story, His story, HISTORY

i've been really remiss at updating my blog. it's been an overwhelming couple of weeks. between business stuff, surgery for my son, a teen suicide, MORE water in our basement, and preparing for fall camp with our youth group. it just doesn't seem right to take time out to write.
which i love.
not the not writing. . .
the writing. i love to write. [okay, ramble]
i have so much floating around my brain that it's almost paralyzing trying to think of letting it out!
so i have a few minutes (literally) before i leave for fall camp, and knowing that you, my faithful readers (i couldn't believe how many of you compassionately commented on the suicide post. . . thank you!) would stand in the gap for me this weekend.
i have been asked, along with five other of our youth leaders, to be a speaker this weekend at our camp.
i could stop there. that is flattering, humbling, heart-palpitatingly, panic attactingly crazy. i am unworthy to share, but also realize that i am not the only broken vessel the Lord has chosen to fill, and to declare otherwise or remain silent is not possible.
would you join me in praying for our church's youth? that they would receive these stories of brokenness and redemption and see God's amazing glory? that our stories would illuminate His story, and that we would have a part in making HISTORY in the eternal lives of our youth? that the enemy's tricks and lies would be foiled this weekend? that His name would be held up and worshipped in spirit and in truth?

that i wouldn't choke on my own spit while i'm speaking?

i hear the liar's whispers. he woke me up at 3:15 this morning.

you're too disjointed. you're not focused. you don't have anything worthy to share. you have too much to share. you're such a screw up that who could even figure out what you're trying to say?

thank goodness i don't really listen to him.

it's not my story, it's HIS story. and i'll tell this story and make HIS story, their story.

pray for me, my fellow leaders, the students, our time, our worship, the weather. . . anything that comes to mind.

thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  1. that picture is gorgeous!!!
    I know you will be the vessel that He intends you to WILL say what needs to be heard :)
    you are a blessing to me as I'm sure you will be to them :)

  2. I am thinking about you! I hope that things get better!

  3. Go with it girl. I will be praying for many this weekend at camp. Go in God's wonderful graces!

  4. Praying here, especially about the spit part.


  5. definitely will be praying for you. I know that you will do awesome and you will help to touch many lives this week. Have a great time!

  6. You will get this too late, but when I read the sentence that you were asked to speak, the only thought I had was "OF COURSE SHE WAS!" You seem to have such an audience with the youth of this generation, and you have so much to give, so so so much to impart to them, I am excited to hear how the Father speaks through you, and how amazing your weekend was!

  7. Praying now. Can't wait to hear.

  8. I read this late, but I prayed that it went well.


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