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Thursday, October 15, 2009

raining and growing.

this is normally a dry month where i come from, so all this rain is pretty unexpected. it's pouring. it's rained pretty much most of this month.
i was sharing about rain with a little girl who should be out jumping in puddles, but is fighting for her life instead. that ugly beast. cancer.
as much as i like to grumble about the rain, i need to remember what a blessing it is. it's necessary for growth. and after several days of rain, isn't it gloriously wonderful to see the sun? and without rain, would we ever witness a rainbow?
God is as much in the rain as he is in the sun. in fact, i would argue, even moreso. because we take sunshine for granted. but it's in the rain where we cling to our savior.
how hard to process rain in a young child's life. it doesn't seem right. but i know God has a plan. and he's going to use the rain to grow this family in ways unimaginable.
as much as i want every day to be cloud-free and blazing sun, i would become parched and withered.
washing clean.
living water.
fill me up.
cling, regan. we are praying for you.


  1. Beautifully written post. Love the rainbow.

  2. Sarah is off saying good-bye, for a while, to Brianna. I will pray for Regan.

    Sweet to find a post of yours while I'm eating my lunch in my quiet room. A blessing due to joy.

  3. I must say, I am in LOVE with your pictures in this post : )

  4. Did you win Mckmama's giveaway???? Do you comment on her site as Purejoy? CUZ THAT PERSON WON AND I THINK THAT'S YOU!!!!!

  5. LOVELY blog! It is so cute. :) Enjoyed it.

  6. AAACK! IT WAS YOU!!!! Now I have to know what you said b/c she said she just loved reading your comment! I wasn't about to go fishing through over 2000 comments to find it!! ;)

    I forgot about your new "project". I'm excited to hear about what's been going on!!!

  7. yes...come back...I NEED YOU!!!!! :)
    {did you win MckMama's giveaway?!}
    I saw your name and was like OH MY!!!!!!! she won!! LUCKY!! :)
    miss you!


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