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Thursday, November 4, 2010


ever wake up and think… geeze-oh-peeze… it's already thursday? how in the world did that happen? one minute it's PINT… and the next thing i know, i'm practically getting ready for another monday. happens to me every week! the week just screams by and i feel like i spend way too much time scratching my head {relax… no creepy crawlies… it's a figure of speech} wondering where the heck the time goes.
i felt like that this morning {at three in the morning, no less} and i want to stop feeling like that. how is it that days go by and i feel like i'm not accomplishing anything?
okay… i'm going to wipe that scared look off my face… starting to scare the dogs. {lie… they're fast asleep… like i should be}
i've spent way too much time over the last day or so in conversation {mainly on facebook, but have also left snarky tweets, too} about politics.
considering there was a huge, historic mid-term election, it's easy to see how that could be.
as a small business owner, i'm anxious to see a less hostile environment to do business and grow. as a mom, i'm interested in the future of our country and what will be left of it when my kiddles begin families {gah… not that far off!}. as a human in the united states in a time of 24/7/365 news cycles, it's next to impossible to escape pundits, political ads and getting slimed by the mud slinging! it's super hard not to let myself get completely sucked into all of this.
as i was commenting on a thread about some of the results in the election, i stepped out a bit more boldly than i usually do and mentioned that while i do have passions when it comes to politics, my true desire is for people to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. realizing that people, communities and nations will always be self-seeking {and even if we know Jesus, we can still struggle with that} until they know Him.
my declaration was pretty well received. i refrained from getting into a huge theological debate after one person made a reference to "all roads…"
just trying to keep my passions in check. realizing the only thing that really matters… that can really bring hope and change… is Jesus.
for me, it's a question of focus.
not that it's not right to be about the political process… but i just have to check myself to make sure that i'm getting passionate about the right things.
so yeah… it's thursday. one day closer to when He'll be coming again.


  1. During any political season, I keep my mouth shut and keep my fingers from typing my choices. I have been slammed too many times by well meaning people (no sarcasm here) who insult my intelligence by telling me who to vote for.

    I hate the ugliness and bullying of it all. I am glad it's over, well not really, we still don't know who won the gubernatorial race here in Illinois...

    Jesus is the leader who matters. It's that simple. I will follow.

  2. You get another Amen from me. Great post.


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