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Friday, November 26, 2010

time for holiday lamaze

what is it about christmas that i just can't seem to get on the holiday bandwagon until after thanksgiving?
oh, i'm not talking about the decorating…
i'm talking about the crafting and the gifting and the address labels and the writing that could easily take place well in advance of advent. i do so intend to quiet down so that i can remember what all this hoopla is about in the first place!
it's my hope to send out a christmas card this year. the last two years, i've taken the photo, ordered the cards, only to fail at actually sending them out.
seriously? who does that?
with one child in alabama for the thanksgiving holiday {sorry the iron bowl didn't go the way she wanted} and with boywonder laid up with a bloody mouth when she was home last weekend… we thought it best to wait until they were both under our roof in december before we attempt this year's photo. while that's good in theory… i think i'm going to have to work a bit harder at having our letter ready {yes… we're that family} and the envelopes addressed {or at least the labels ready} in time to get these out before new years. it'll be a first for me {at least in the last several years}.
i don't really holiday bake because our house is on a sugar and refined flour lock-down. not quite sure what we'll do for the neighbors this year… i've done candied pecans or buffalo chex mix in the past… but i'm not sure i could survive being around all that goodness without some pilfering of product.
i'd love to get the house decorated this weekend. but that would require divesting the attic of its boxes… what shouldn't be an ordeal usually turns into one. they're just christmas bins, people! and my resident tree-fluffer {yes, we're that family} is out of state until mid-december.
my goal is to avoid resorting to my holiday lamaze breathing.
it may have worked for Mary…
… but my goal is to have a respectful advent season. while still enjoying all this season has to offer. i want to savor each day… not feel as if i should have doubled up on my blood pressure medicine.
oh well, a girl can dream, right?


  1. A girl can dream? Nope a girl did blog. Now get going!

  2. I had a big comment written but blogger just ate it. sigh.

  3. Absolutely. I'm speaking about finding the stillness and peace in the midst of Christmas. So often we jump on this crazy frantic bandwagon and lose the beauty.

    Thank you for a lovely post.


  4. That should say -- I'm speaking to a Women's Group for Church. Not just I'm speaking....I'm not sure where the rest of the comment went!

  5. I feel that I missed out on Christmas last year, or at least I missed the point. I don't want that to happen again this year. Which is hard, b/c I work at a church... ha ha! So you know how it can seem so "programatic" -- is that even a word?

    BTW: great neighbor gift-- RWANDAN coffee from Land of 1000 Hills Coffee. Google it! :)

  6. I hear you sister. I'm feeling overwhelmed myself. I'm facing yet another surgery (hip arthroscope, torn labrum, kinda like shoulder rotator cuff surgery) and am in horrid pain. I'm barely up and around as I wait for my turn (only 3 docs in all of CO can do this procedure). Meanwhile, somehow, I'm supposed to keep up the traditions that my boys treasure. I just feel like taking a nap...and waking up in January. And that makes me sad. It's supposed to be a season of joy and giving and Christ in Christmas.

  7. Yes a girl can dream. I have had my tree up for a week yet I just am not in the mood. I put it up early because I'm going to Vegas on Monday! I am pushing myself to get in the mood today & tomorrow. I need to run my labels too, thought I might bring my cards with me. I can't gamble all the time! We did do a picture last weekend, the first in years. I know it will all get done, it always does but the mood is not there yet! I still want it to be July. Eating leftover turkey doesn't help, I just want to nap!

  8. I know the lamaze breathing of which you speak---because I have less time than you---Hanukkah begins on Wednesday. Which is the same day as our anniversary. And a week before my girls' 5th birthday. But their party is on the 4th. Breathing right now. innnnnnnn, outttttttttttt. slowly. oh wait, i think i'm about to hyperventilate!


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