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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

christmas dreams

not dreaming of a white christmas. we had our first snow last week and the 1.5 inches closed school for two days. no joke.
a day later and the schools were closed again for an ice storm.
did i move to minnesota and someone forget to tell me??

i received a chocolate nativity.

hmmm. i wonder whose idea that was?

i was afraid to eat baby jesus… i mean. really.
came out to the kitchen and the baby was half gone. apparently one child ate one half, and the other ate the leftovers. joseph was delicious. dark chocolate. the stable was milk chocolate and equally delicious. baby jesus was white chocolate, of course.
would have taken a picture, but seriously, after being in our possession for less than ten minutes… a lamb was consumed and a chunk of the stable was missing. hardly a photo op at that point!

the wrapping is coming along and everything is boxed at least and ready to go.

the christmas cards are just a dream at this point. we'll get the photo taken at some point… but the actual cards… i don't know. i enjoy getting them but really… can't i just email them with a quick note? who hasn't already seen my life splayed out on my blog and facebook {except for the not-so-cool people! ha!}

big news to share with you, but it's missing a photo and it's not a real story without the visual.

i'm working entirely too much and i'm looking forward to a few days off after the new year. my job is trying its hardest to suck the creative joy out of my life, but i'm not going to allow it to.

bamagirl and i are going to a debutante luncheon tomorrow. my little girl is "coming out" in april. don't know how she got invited to that… we're not the most "connected" people. but it is exciting. we're going gown shopping in atlanta while the hubs and boy wonder take a trip on a church bus out to colorado with our college pastor and a bunch of guys. it'll be a good week for all of us.

well that's just a few of our christmas dreams. stay tuned for some fun news!


  1. W.O.W I think you moved to Plasti-City and no one told you! Debutante!? Dang Gina! Don't know if I'm worthy of your friendship anymore ;)

    Ok the, Chocolate Nativity story is priceless. I started to say you could take a picture of the "massacre" but then I realized how horrible that would be... lol...

  2. LOVE the chocolate nativity story! Love it! Merry Christmas to you and yours dear friend.

  3. Wow a dubutante ball sounds like fun. I can't imagine eating a chocolate nativity, that is too funny. Have a blessed Christmas dear friend.

  4. A Chocolate Nativity! HAHAHA!!! i love how you describe it!

  5. Hi, this is my first visit here and already I read about a chocolate Jesus and a debutant, rather fun I think. A chocolate nativity is so bizarre!

  6. I totally understand the comment about Minnesota. I'm a happy resident...but I sometimes wish the "white stuff" would end!



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