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Thursday, December 9, 2010


i've been crowned. not just once, but twice.
it all began two weeks ago when two of my teeth were ground down to prepare for their new crowns.
mmmm. temporaries the day before thanksgiving. aching jaw. whhhhaaaa.
i went in today for the real crowns. the fake ones were kind of getting on my nerves.
only one fit.
i guess at over $2000 each, they better fit perfectly. you know, fit for a princess. sigh.
so it's another set of impressions {gag horrible} and now i've got oddly hitting teeth and another week to wait.
someone should give me an ipad for my troubles, right? {not that the hubs reads this either, thank gawd}
hope boywonder isn't reading this. {not that he usually does} after all he's been through, he should get something way better than an ipad.
so thankful we live here in the states where we can get do-overs for our crap teeth. i'm just ready for this little expensive escapade to be over. my jaws ache.


  1. On Oct.20, 2006, I started having work done on a root canal/crown thing. I know it took over six months to complete 'cause I met Brad that day, married him April 17, 2007, and still have appts. for the same tooth after that!

    Ugh. I don't look forward to that fuss again...

  2. I can definitely empathize. I've been through the whole crown business a few times of my own. No fun. But such a relief when it's all finally over! Don't fuss about the price. After all, how else would your dentist be able to pay for his yacht? ;-)

  3. I can't believe how costly it is to have work done. I am amazed when they give you the estimate! Hope they are perfect when you finally get them. You will do anything to get that ipad!
    PrincessPrincess, I will have to call you PP....

  4. So sorry, princess! Hope you are feeling better soon and done w/ all of this! I haven't had to do that (yet), but I have had impressions and those really bite (pun intended). I start gagging on that stuff as soon as they shove those trays in. ugh!

  5. Ugh! I have crowns and they all need to be replaced.

    The worst part is that these kinds of crowns don't even make you feel like royalty.

  6. What a bummer! I'm sorry. I hope round 2 goes better for you!


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