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Thursday, December 16, 2010

hee heee heeeee…

don't know what it is today.
i'm crabby.
not diggin the job.
got my second crown put in today, but had to brave an ice storm to do it.
the boy is struggling with the ex… drama over whether to reconnect or let go… gah.
it's fuh-reeeeezing outside. this week, not the week of Christmas vacation, the kids have been out 3 of the 4 days {so far}. they get 5 days for the year. yikes. and it's not even officially winter yet. {sure coulda fooled me}.
my birthday was yesterday.
expectations were totally met… but i still worked the whole day, and it sorta gets swallowed up by the holiday hub-bub. not to whine. it is what it is. i had about a million birthday wishes on facebook and it's crazy how loved that makes a body feel. the boy made it back from college in time to wish me a happy birthday in person and the fam is back in the same house again. so who am i to complain!!? seriously!
i'm feeling that holiday stress creep in, and yet here i sit blogging.
there is a giveaway, though, and i'll do anything to get another entry to win… so this is me blogging about it. feel free to not link in. i seriously don't want you to enter and reduce my already poor chances of winning (one in almost 3,000). but hey. i'm shouting out… go check it out {if you must.}
writing and creating are things i enjoy so much but i feel like something has just sucked the ever-lovin' soul of creativity out of me and it absolutely makes my brain hurt to even think about it.
what is up with that??
so i'm going to go get some attitude adjustment.
or maybe start doing my holiday lamaze breathing. heeee heee heeee whoooooooo. {or is it just ho, ho, ho??}
or maybe i'll just go back to work. i have so. dang. much. stuff. to. do.

so that's pretty much it.

and if one more person mentions how they've sent out their holiday cards or finished their wrapping or baking their cookies and the figgy pudding is in the oven… i'm not going to be responsible for my actions. but it involves not-so-holiday placed candy cane. i'm just sayin'
hee hee hee whoooooooo…


  1. We never send Xmas cards, and if I bake anything, I'll eat it, and we all know how awful that would be! I did make fudge, but only to save $$ on gifts for certain people, and fudge is easy peasy.

    I'ms orry I missed your bday. I suck at facebook birthdays. I skip the newsfeed and go straight to status updates, so I never see bdays. I sorry. Looking forward though, A special phone day is coming soon!!!

  2. Snap out of it.

    There, I said it.

    I don't even do cards. But I did love getting your New Year card last, wait this, year.

    I am buying very few presents. So wrapping is light.

    Haven't baked a single cookie.

    I'm okay with it all. No one's going to pressure me into anything I'm not feeling. I hope you feel the same.

  3. You and your randomness warm my heart. I can almost see myself in the conversation switches! Now, get baking!

  4. Happy Belated Bday! Love the hodge podge post. And no baking here. Just lots of eating on my part.

  5. You won't hear any of that from me. Haven't done Christmas cards in five years. Poor former recipients must think I've dropped them, not knowing that everyone got dropped...I don't bake. We only do gifts for the kids, so I have three things to wrap. Happy Belated Birthday! Now go pour yourself a glass of wine, take 10 minutes to just chill out. You're an amazingly hard worker and you will accomplish what you need to. Then let the rest go. And if you feel like venting some more, you know where to find me ;-)

  6. If it makes you feel any better, this is the first year I've not sent out a Christmas card with letter in it. Instead, I sent out a photo e-card. How lame is that...but what is technology for if not to make our lives easier? It's not like there's not enough other stuff to do...

    Have a merry Christmas, as we focus on The Reason we celebrate.

  7. I am right there with you, something is missing this year but I am trying very hard each day to get it back. I hope your birthday was wonderful.



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