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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

PINT: better late than never!

the bus they slid into, then a semi hit them.
front of their car 
looking in the driver's door 
the back  
i get sick just looking at this and can't believe they're alive.

so go link on up to that one mom. there's life happening out there… all on a post it, of course!

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  1. With tears and chills, I say Thank you LORD.

  2. Oh! my! that is so scary. I am glad they are all ok. WOO that gave me goosebumps!!

  3. Wow! Just looking at those pictures makes my stomach hurt. I can't imagine my children in cars with their friends. OOOOOOH! God is AMAZING!

  4. Holy Hannah! Thank the Lord they weren't in the car!

  5. I can't believe what happened and how wonderful it was that they got out of the car. God is so good. I love when He protects our children. This is a beautiful blessing from God.

  6. Oh my goodness. Praise God for His protection over them!

  7. Oh wow. Chilling. I was in a bad accident that totaled my car and I walked away. This, however, is a true miracle. Hugs to you my dear, supportive friend. Your comment about my plight was a blessing.

  8. Wow. I'm thankful they're all ok too!


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