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Monday, June 1, 2009

crimson is…

our daughter's choice for college. the university of alabama. roll tide!! (except it bears mentioning that our family's blood runs deep orange. as in go vols orange. and the song we have playing in our head is rocky top. as in the song that is a staple at every wedding. so the whole "roll tide" thing isn't exactly tripping off our tongues… yet)

but it also bears mentioning that we are exceedingly proud of our little bama girl who has worked to hard to get here. she's been a champion in the classroom and has chosen a very competitive and difficult major in nursing, and has also qualified to pursue this dream while being a member of the honors college.  we feel pretty sure that our bama girl will be doing some serious time here:

crimson is…did you know that one out of five students entering the alabama campus are honors students?? and did you know that alabama has cranked out 31 USA Today top scholars over the past six years and the next school that is even close is Harvard at 17?? yeah. we didn't either, and this is what helped her make choosing alabama a no brainer. we're hoping she takes full advantage of being a member of the honors college by spending some time engaging with the folks here:at the home of the honors program. 

crimson is…

it was a special treat to watch as she shared her passion with her dad, who has never been to the UA campus. it was sweet to watch her point out the various places and hear her explain the "quad" and sweep her arms in front of her to envision what the quad looks like on football game day. her eyes just sparkled.

crimson is…

our daughter. flying from the nest and landing in a place that i never expected. but i'm so proud of our little eaglet. she's learned to fly high, to aim for the clouds, to excell and to dream big. congratulations little bama girl. we are so very proud of you.

and i did not cry one bit while i put this together, nope! not me!

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  1. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!! Been a tide fan since I was knee-hi to a grasshopper. Congrats to your college freshman! I'm a freshman myself, although in my 30's, and considered U of A for online classes (opted for community college for financial reasons). Attending a Bama game at B-D stadium is on my Bucket List! Hope she has a great experience there!

    Kelli in Grand Bay

  2. Sounds like a great school! Good luck to your daughter.

  3. It sounds like she made an excellent choice. Good luck to her!!

  4. Good luck bama girl!!

    and mommy and daddy too. :)


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