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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

missing in action

returning from a vacation, coupled with my niece moving in with us in just two short weeks, along with a week's backlog of work, laundry (why oh why is there never a getting ahead point with laundry*!!??), *this is not my laundry room, but one that exists out there somewhere. mine is not far off. it's at least sorted and has no baby!

yardwork (after two years of very droughty summers, i'm not complaining about the rain, but the grass does grow at a ridiculous pace!), and cleaning/cooking/living can be somewhat exhausting! and i haven't even written thank you notes yet (i packed my stationary in the move from "the cave" to upstairs. this is another story entirely) so i feel sorta guilty blogging.

i don't know if it much of my dishevelment relates to the fact that i am seriously A.D.D. (i know, no excuse) which the hubster thinks is purely ridiculous, so remains undiagnosed, but i fit all the "symptoms" to a T. it just means i need to pedal my little bike a little faster, don't look around too much and try to stay on that narrow path. . . gah! see? perfect example, i am talking about my dishelvelment, and off i go down an unauthorized path!


is it the A.D.D. or is it just the fact that i have a serious amount of stuff going on? i think it's a little bit of both. 

boy wonder came home from college. he brought his dormroom/apt home with him. quite literally. in fact, more than he went with (surprise, right?) because his roommates moved out without 98% of the other stuff in the apartment. for instance, pots n pans, pantry goods, bathroom rugs, and on and on and on. me being the frugal one, packed it all up (since when i arrived, the apartement wasn't all gift-wrapped waiting for me to arrive!!) and figured we'd sort through it all when we got home. well, it's all "burped up" in my garage (with my car not relegated to the driveway, grrr) awaiting said arranging. (did i say grrrrr yet?)

then there is his bedroom (my soon-to-be office). the hubster built a beautiful loft bed with a built in desk below. really it is quite amazing. however, two torn ACLs later, it's not very user-friendly, so boywonder lives in the den on the futon. i mean i would too! big television, lots of room, friends sleep over, etc. it's a sweet deal. so he's commandeered the den, in addition to his world still being in his bedroom AND the garage. 

i'd get some audience participation in the dismantling of his bedroom IF he wasn't at frontier ranch, donating his month to saving drowning children at the young life camp there. (more like preventing the drowning. he's a life guard). i am about 75% of the way there. once it's cleaned out, i'd like to dismantle (and by "i" i mean the hubster) the bed/desk, paint and recreate my oasis of creativity (hmmm. i like that!) and i really hope that can happen since i spend a heckuvalotta time in there. best part!?? WINDOW!!

so for the niece to move in, i have to move out, and my office, the not-so-oasis of creativity, needs to be packed up and moved to boywonder's storage annex, the garage. did i say grrrrr yet?

i abhor moving. 

and the packing.

and the unpacking. 

but i kinda like the organizing. 

i really hope i'm not too overwhelmed/pressed for time that i miss out on decorating well.

and i was really hoping to have the niece's diggs all ready for her, but at least this way she can have some ownership in making it beautiful/her own.

so if i've been missing in action around here, i have a pretty good excuse. i miss writing, but i have made time to blogstalk, my second favorite passtime!


  1. Wow, you have a lot of stuff going on! Hang in there!

  2. WOW. I feel the same about packing/moving. Ugh.

  3. Man I am so glad that I am not in your shoes....that mountain of laundry alone scares me away. Except for the cute little baby perched atop it all!!

  4. oh, i know, rest assured, i googled laundry pile and got that. it's not my laundry pile (i would take myself out back and shoot myself!) but it's not far off! (mine is sorted) ha!

  5. I feel your pain with the whole moving bit!

    I didn't know your niece is moving in. Sorry if I missed that announcement in a previous post. How long is she going to be there?


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