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Friday, June 26, 2009

enough about me, what about you?

i feel like all i've done is drone on about myself. 


has anyone followed world cup soccer over the past few days?? it's like a hive of buzzing. really. the fans all blow, incessantly, into these horn things, and it sounds like a giant swarm of bees watching soccer. (btw, USA beat spain, the number 1 ranked team in the world to get the honor of playing brazil in the finals at 2:30 on the 28th)

so i have buzzing in my brain (when don't i?) and was pondering some stuff.

the breakup of jon & kate. gah. it makes my heart hurt. i know they're only tv people, but this is a real life, a real marriage and eight very real little hearts involved. it just makes me sick! it's a reminder to my heart that as much as the hubster and i fall short of the mark for each other, that we don't ever give up, or give satan a foothold. marriage is fragile, but God is strong. i'm praying for these two. even when they're being unlovable. there are eight little futures at stake!!

michael jackson is dead. it was shocking. but then again, not. it's like he's been slowly dying for the past several years. sad.

farrah fawcett is gone, too! a veritable pop-icon of my youth. everyone had her poster up. even girls. we all wanted her haircut. and my buzzing brain reminds me. . . beauty is fleeting.

ed mcmahon died this week, too! i always loved him. especially on the tonite show. i think we can learn alot from him. laugh. often. it's a good thing. and being second banana is a good thing. be a supporter. one in the wings. the listener.

i'm learning to be a listener. so far, i'm kinda lousy at it. but i'm practicing.

so what about you? what's buzzing around in your head!?


  1. Totally a sad week all the way around...

  2. This has been a whirldwind week for celebs. I am sad about all the passings this week. Sick of Michael Jackson jokes!
    I never really watched Jon and Kate that much but I am so sad for those children. Divorce is hard enough without cameras being in your face 24/7 and the press making a spectacle out of it.


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