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Thursday, April 14, 2011

just wait

so thankful for a DVR that records what would certainly be "appointment tv." much like my thursday nites used to be B.DVR and i was obsessed with ER. {ohhhh how i miss that show. thank goodness for grey's anatomy}
but i digress {surprise, right?}
the hubs is not a fan of "serial tv." he hates shows he has to show up for every week to know what's going on. this is why he loves hawaii five-o {wraps up, for the most part, each show, although there is a running sub-plot going on}. first of all, he doesn't have to show up every monday night at 10 to watch it, and secondly, it's our go-to show for dinner on tuesdays. yes… the cardinal sin of eating dinner in front of the tv. i'm sad to report that now that our kiddles are gone, we do this…when we manage to eat at home for dinner…which oftentimes is less than twice a week. i know. i know. bad us.
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the other night, the hubs and i watched parenthood. it was the hub's second time, so he had a small inkling of what was going on… so he wasn't completely lost. the episode revolved around a 16 year old "good girl" deciding to have sex with her boyfriend. complete with a butt-dial to her parents during… ahem… "it."
awkwardest butt-dial ever.
watching it beside the hubs made me even more aware of the interchange between the dad and the daughter once the mom had made dad aware of their daughter's activity. it was absolutely gut-wrenching to watch the dad unable to make eye contact, avoid interacting in every way and literally being able to hear his heart break in two. i cried for his brokenness as he sat and watched his daughter's innocence wilt away.
i guess the parents handled it about as well as you would imagine a hollywood family would. they were open and conversational about it before, during and after. they weren't overly "judgey." the mom justified the daughter's behavior based on her own premarital sex activity and even praised the daughter for having a first time that was "better" than her first.
it's not like i was expecting them to tell the daughter about God's plan for sex inside of marriage. i'm not that naive… and i guess from the world's perspective, talking openly, not judging and talking about protection is "responsible parenting."
ugh again.
i'm thankful that our kids have been given open discussions about sex since they were 7ish, much to the horror of the rest of the family. but we wanted our kids to always hear about sex from God's perspective, not from information gleaned on the playground,sleepovers, or God forbid… the media. we've had an open dialogue about guarding hearts, protecting future wives for their husbands, honor, restraint and how God mad sex to be wonderful… but within the confines of marriage. we've encouraged our kids not to date in middle/high school {both waited until college for their first serious relationships}. to not look at dating as acquiring some sort of trophy… but to look at it as an opportunity to be giving, serving, loving the other person.
it's far too early to wave the victory flag yet. the moment i smugly assume that our parenting has netted us two virgins on their wedding days is the minute i'll be sitting here with egg streaming down my face. let's just say i'm still having the sometimes awkward conversations with our kids about "it." it's a continuing dialog that i'll not stop having until they say I Do. those two words need to come before the word IT.
{and…let the record show that the pregnancy test in the previews for next week's finale will be assumed to be hattie's… i have a sneaking suspicion that it might be her mom's!}


  1. You know me and serial TV, I don't watch it. The 'Hood looks interesting, 'cause I like all the people in it, but...don't want to commit. (I even skipped Idol last night.)

    I remember one talk Mac and I had about periods when he was six. His dad freaked out when he learned of it. My young man is going to be a great husband some day! ;)

  2. I didn't see the preview, but I think it's going to be... shoot I can't remember her NAME. Julia's. There that's it. Funny. That's almost my name. Anyway... I love that we blog about this show. It's so good.

    It was painful to see how their reactions... oh daddy Adam... wow. Just... he's a brilliant actor, because you FELT it. You just FELT it.

    I think I should start a community group about this show and disect it and see what we can learn from it and what we could teach them...

    ok, sometimes I get carried away. I might love this show too much.

  3. I think you are right about that preg test, for sure!I found the episode gut wrenching, too. Even though I wish things had turned out differently, there sure is a lot of love in that family.

  4. I bet it's moms too! I love that show.


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