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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a little pre-easter panic planning

easter is in two weeks. well, actually, less than two weeks… but who's counting {12 days}?
not only did i volunteer to have easter brunch at our house, but we also have bama girl's debutante ball the night before.
yeah. i think i need to get my head examined, too. ie what the heck was i thinking?
so in preparation for said event, and also while i continue to crank out the work/new menus/social media blitz/have endless meetings, i need to wedge in some cleaning {including the windows, blech}, easter decorating {which requires finding the land of easter in the attic… an expedition to be sure}, mani/pedi, hair for the girl, menu planning, pre-prepping as much as possible on saturday… not necessarily in that order. and i'm sure i left a bunch off the list.
we do have audience participation… MIL is bringing dessert {hopefully not something drenched in coconut which the kids abhor… all the kids… not just mine} and the SILs will bring a dish to share.
mind you, this is not me complaining. i love to have the family over. i'm really looking forward to the dogwood ball. it's going to be a wonderful weekend.
this is me having a small panic attack. me planning. me trying to be ready.
but if you know me even a tiny bit… you'll know that me + planning isn't found in the same sentence ever very often.
feel free to share any cute easter decor/table ideas. i think if the weather is nice we'll eat outside. probably several small tables since we have almost 20 in the fam. feel free to chime right on in. i'm all ears.


  1. I've got nothing. After a too emotional dinner with my bro, sis, and niece last year, I opted to accept an invite to make dinner at Ronald McDonald House on Easter. (Also Brad's b-day.)


    I'm sure whatever you come up with will be wonderful. It's the people that matter, and the love they share!

  2. How fun! I can't wait to see what you come up with. I bet this will be a great Easter. I have nothing to add, heck, I just bought cute paper plates and napkins from Hobby Lobby for our lunch, HAHA! We will be coming bk home that Sat from 9 days at the beach. I probably won't be cooking anything!!

    I hope you have a great day!

  3. Just reading this makes me want to withdraw into hermithood. Let us know how you are Monday after Easter. :-)

  4. Things are so different here. And my mom is American!? We never went all out for Easter. Granted, we didn't have a lot of family around, but at my mom's group the other night, the leader was asking us what we were all doing, if we'd started preparing yet. I was like... "Um...??? I'm going to buy them some chocolate?" I'm so overwhelmed with the thought of having to do something huge. Didn't Jesus already do the huge thing?;)

  5. You are way to busy. I paniced just reading this.
    Praying that all gets worked out. I know it will, it always does. Enjoy!


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