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Monday, April 11, 2011

on a roll… or at least i was…

oh dear… i've been MIA for a week now. and after i was back on a good blogging roll, too.
no time to write, no time to blogstalk, no time to do much other than work work work!!
it's been a really crazy, yet enjoyable week. much of what i've been up to has taken me out of my office, and that's been a really good thing. it's spring!
i've had dinner with potential franchise clients, i've been out in the stores implementing a new menu… which for me means taking down the old panels and replacing the new panels which i've already priced {tedious work, for sure!}. i get to see our associates in the stores, talk with our guests and add to my never-ending list of more things i need to design for marketing. at times it gets overwhelming!
i also took a day "off" this past week to spend with jennifer mckinney. yes…that jennifer mckinney… mckmama herself.
she and her family are traveling RV-style across the southeast, stopping in various cities to offer up photo shoots for individuals and families. i literally squealed in delight when i learned she'd be coming to our little burg on her way to charlotte, and immediately emailed to ask her if i could hook up with her while she was here. {i also shamelessly wanted to hook her family up our little city's [and my family's business] culinary "invention" from 27 years ago and a fan-favorite ever since. imagine my surprise when i discovered that she not only fed her family petro's for breakfast, but also posted an awesome photo of said activity on her blog!}
not only did i get a chance to hook up with the mckphotographer, but she let me assist her for the day, which she told me she normally doesn't do. as a budding photographer myself, i wanted to watch and learn as much as possible.
i didn't ask too many questions {at least not about photography} but watched her work her photo-magic. her personality is as light as her footwork… she's never still for long.
it was a great day of learning, of spending time with a new friend who i felt like i've known forever, and a chance to meet her son, Stellan, the one whom i've prayed for over the past two years.
it's funny how life in blogdom is… you read about someone for so long, and when you meet, it's not awkward, but actually the most normal, natural thing you could imagine. while it sounds so sketchy to meet someone you met on the internet… i find that it's like embracing a friend you haven't seen in awhile.
it was a super rewarding day, and thanks to jennifer, i found a new treasure in my own little city. a beautiful botanical garden hiding in a corner i don't normally go. it's a beautiful oasis where i plan to practice my own budding mckphotography skills!


  1. Traveling in an RV across the SE US. What an adventure! They're brave people.

    Glad you got to meet Jennifer. Sounds like a profitable time all around.

  2. I am so glad that I found your blog, I wanted to find a way to thank you for your great advice about the Opryland Hotel. It was somewhere that we had never considered going to, but ended up being one of the favorite parts of our trip. Thank you so much for the suggestion and for helping MckMama with her awesome photo shoot.

    Kate from WI


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