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Thursday, March 31, 2011

must i repeat myself?

 i was reading anna's blog, an inch of gray, yesterday and chuckling over how her husband gave her a waverly ivy patterned coupon holder as a gift upon her completion of her master's degree. she also shared some great stuff about being a thrifty decorator and how our tastes change over the years. case in point: ivy. mauve. geese.
what used to elicit sighs of contentment now trigger our gag reflexes. for reals.

i then left an incredibly long and witty comment {i'm hilarious in my own mind… i crack myself up. ask anyone. i'm the first to laugh at my own jokes. it's humilating.} and hit publish your comment and then smoke came out of my computer {slight exaggeration} and my comment was lost forever.
i'm sure that's never happened to you. i'm sure you've never navigated away from a page the second you realize there's a word verification to fill in juuuuuuust as the screen disappears.
if that has ever happened to you, you probably feel the same way. oh… i can't repeat that one. it was a once in a lifetime comment.
oh grrrrr. it's not like i was supposed to be working anyway and now i have to spend more time screwing the company out of my productivity?
so i left another comment. but all it had was the gnashing of teeth and wailing that comes from a comment falling off a cliff.
oh lawd, could i get any more dramatic?
anna's post, while informative about decorating, really made me think about husbands' lack of gift giving skills. not all the time, thank goodness, but sometimes i really wonder what they're thinking.
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my sister got a can of pringles for her first mother's day. her husband thought it was the perfect gift because they are her favorite. i think her baby was all of four weeks old and he gives her flipping potato chips. i really think they must have compared ideas ahead of time because my husband gave me a pair of flip flops for my first mother's day. they were wedged into the baby swing with our five month old son. i think i remember crying. but it wasn't out of joy.
i would hear about husbands giving their wives jewelry or flowers after giving birth. i got a pat on the head and a ride home. at least he carried the baby.
but perhaps the best gift was the set of matching tires i got for my college graduation.
the boy is nothing if not practical.
i'll never forget it either.
i was celebrating with friends after work, and i left my car there in lieu of driving home in a far-too celebratory manner. i came back to retrieve my car the next day. i opened my car and noxious pent-up new tire rubber fumes belched out of my sun-warmed car and about knocked me over right there in the parking lot. yes. the boy had surprised me by putting them in the back seat of my car. {he's thoughtful that way}
i was so excited i puked right there in the parking lot. i'm sure the tequila i'd had the night before had nothing at all to do with that.
to this day, the smell of new tires makes me nauseous. seriously. and my kids? it's like the smell of fresh cut grass or something. they love it.
they probably love the color mauve, too.


  1. When Brad and I were dating, he gave me great Christmas presents: a vacuum, tired and a tune-up. As a single women with a son in college, these were super thoughtful gifts. I had been trying to fix my vacuum for months, my tires needed replacing and a tune-up assured us that I wouldn't break down on the way to or from Indy. Ours was a long distance thing at that time.

    I tend to be a super practical, and I was delighted with these gifts.

    We weren't supposed to exchange gifts at all that year, but we had decided to "do" stockings. More on that when I steal this post idea! ;)

    (And yes, some of my best comments weren't accepted by cyberspace!)

  2. So glad you rallied from the lost comment! Tire smell? Tequila? Bad combo!

    Tom got me a white Turtleneck on Christmas when we were dating. Doesn't that make you feel romantic?

  3. LOL!!!! For my first mother's day I dont think I even got a card. We've remedied that. I don't typically get presents, b/c we never have any money, but we go out to eat, and he knows, better than ever, that he MUST get a card. NO. Matter. What. This year I got flowers on V-day though, and THAT was monumental! I even got a card out of the blue the other day... again... MON. U. MENT.AL.

  4. I have always called the gifts from my husband generic, he could give them his mom, his sister or just some woman he passes on the street!!
    Blogger use to take you back to the bottom of the screen were the word verification comes up but not anymore. I've done that too. Heck I lost a really cute post for tomorrow that I had to redue. It's just not the same. I am having issues with blogger in my post Html section!!
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. I totally understand the geese, the mauve AND the ivy. I actually had a kitchen that was ORANGE with orange curtains and orange tupperware canisters when we were first married. It was decorated with chickens, hens, eggs, straw...I loved it at the time, but definitely times have changed. At this point in my life, I prefer no gifts. A card is simple and sweet and doesn't take up space. It just tells me someone thought of me. thanks for the memories!


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