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Monday, March 21, 2011

Lemony Springness

i made cookies for my small group yesterday.
with not enough time to go all martha-stewarty, i debated over what kind to make… slice and bake chocolate chip? caramel chocolate chip? peanut butter? cranberry oatmeal?
to be honest… they all sounded so… well… wintery.
completely wrong for a beautiful, warm springy/summery day.
a day that had lemon written all over it.
and my absolute favorite recipe is so easy… it was a no-brainer that i would make them! and with some yummy eastery nonpareiles… perfect!
how easy?
super easy.
one box lemon cake mix.
two eggs.
1/3 c oil.
whisk the eggs and oil, add the mix, stir well.
i used a #50 scoop (the actual term is a disher, but a small scoop or tablespoon will do)
bake at 375° for 9-11 minutes (tops will crack slightly)
cool on a wire rack.
frost with homemade can of lemon icing.
sprinkle the nonpareils.
if you make a double batch, you'll probably come pretty close to using a full can of icing. otherwise you'll have leftover icing.
chocolate is also decadently good, spice cake/carrot cake with cream cheese frosting… mmmm. the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination! i may have to try red velvet one of these days!


  1. They sound delicious, I love everything lemon!

  2. And there's now a box of lemon cake on my grocery list... yummmy AND PRETTY.

  3. Seeing as I just started Slim Fast today, I'm going to have to file this away. However I WILL retrieve it one day very soon...


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