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Monday, March 21, 2011

chillin on a sunday

oh how i wish i was chillin…
it was anything but, however i wouldn't trade it for the world!
breakfast with my sweetie.
church with my kiddles.
lunch at my favorite restaurant in all of east tennessee… taste of thai.
indulged in noodles for the first time in about six months. {heaven on earth, i tell ya!}
ironed three shirts for boy wonder {i'm a sucker for … mom? i can iron, but it'll take me forever. could you help me??}
scooped up random items so the kids wouldn't forget their stuff.
said goodbye to said kiddles :(
ran to the grocery store to get supplies to host my small group.
make indoor s'mores.
make lemon cakemix cookies.
make mexican ranch dip.
cut up veggies.
make our famous hint-of-orange iced tea.
greet guests.
nosh for awhile.
get into romans 3: 21-26 {best stuff ever!}
share our stories.
dinner {leftovers} with the hubs.
watched men who stare at goats. {good thing we didn't have to pay for that flick. worst. movie. ever.}
bedtime. {thank goodness!}
open windows.
frogs making whatever noise you call that.


  1. send me your cookie recipe...please

  2. Open windows, color me jealous. Wait, lemon cookies, color me jealouser. Hm. Thanks for teh head's up on the movie!

  3. Sounds busy but fun! Our 22 year old has done his own laundry for years, but now and then when he's running short of time, he'll ask me if I would do a batch of laundry for him. It's kinda fun when they appreciate it so much! :-)

    Those lemon cookies look amazing!

  4. Wow, that was a busy day. Sounds like a really good one!


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