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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

my little "helper"

thankfully, it's been raining pretty regularly, which means i don't have to spend too much time watering my soon-to-be-garden.
we've been faithfully fertilizing our garden with an all purpose nitrogen {34-0-0} which also contains some sulfur and iron {for those of you taking notes}, and watering twice daily.
emma, our mini-dachshund, isn't as fond of the rain because that seriously cuts into her thrill of trying to attack the water.
she has water radar and no matter where she is in the house or outside, she just knows when the faucet has been turned on and makes a bee-line to the hay bales because she knows it's party time.
it cracks me up. she even jumped up on a hay bale to attack. that wasn't so funny. i'm particularly enamored with hay bale gardening because just maybe, it'll keep our varmints out of our business. they steal produce like no one's business.
we've ordered our plants from some company online {trying something different this year} and they'll arrive once the nursery thinks it's safe to plant. we've had some delightfully warm, almost summer-like weather, but upon the arrival of spring, it's as if mother nature remembered that spring is spring, and 75° is just too dang warm for march. we even had a bit of frost earlier this week.
i can't wait to start planting… but it'll still be awhile. we have a bit more fertilizing to do to prepare our "soil."


  1. HAHA! Our dog likes to catch bubbles! hehe. So funny. You should take video of it! I'm totally interested in the hay bale garden, but...I'm trying w/ pots first.

  2. Those pictures are wonderful. I have a video of the dogs playing in the hose outside. They have so much fun!


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