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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

these forty days…

and so it begins.
these forty days.

as i begin, i am getting my heart in order. realizing perhaps i should have started that about a week ago. i wasn't even out of bed before i was tweeting fox news to inform them that protestants "do" lent, too. like somehow this matters. i can't help but think that my little inner rant hurt Jesus' heart just a little bit.

this heart of mine. 
scattered. so scattered. and so not focused where it should be.

so back to these forty days.

what is the purpose of the observation of lent? is this forty days of denying myself of something i'm passionate about so i can writhe in anguish for the next five or so weeks all for the sake of identifying with Christ's sufferings?

i don't thing that's the point {although i'm no theologian}. i don't even play one on tv. but i do know this…

…my focus in this world is all off-kilter. so self-focused. and i know that my eyes need to be fixed {more} on Him.

i must decrease. He must increase. {John 3:30}

this season of lent… a time to focus and grow closer to Jesus. 
for me, it's almost like the advent conspiracy that illustrates the need to 
{worship fully}
{spend less}
{give more}
{love all}

if i was suggesting some sort of lenten conspiracy… i'd say

so as i get the sign of the cross made on my forehead with ashes, may i be reminded of my sin and God's forgiveness as i return to Jesus.

Here's a top ten list of things from MethodX {an excellent resource} that we can try for the lenten season:
10. try an electronic fast. give up TV, guitar hero, texting, tweeeting, e-mail and all things electronic for one day every week. (or everyday of lent!) use the time to read & pray.
9. start a prayer rhythm. say a prayer every time you brush your teeth, hear an ambulance, or check your e-mail. before you text someone, pray for them.
8. read one chapter in the Bible each day. (matthew's a good book to start with. psalms, too.)
7. forgive someone who doesn't deserve it (maybe even yourself.)
6. give up soft drinks, fast food, tea or coffee. give the money you save to help folks in haiti or others in crisis.
5. create a daily quiet time. spend 30 minutes a day in silence and prayer.
4. cultivate a life of gratitude. write someone a thank you letter each week and be aware of how many people have helped you along the way.
3. be kind to someone each day.
2. pray for others you see as you walk to and from classes or drive to and from work.
1. volunteer one hour or more each week with a local shelter, tutoring program, nursing home, prison ministry or a habitat for humanity project.

wishing you a meaningful, rich lenten observance. may His presence be renewed in your life this spring!


  1. I pray that whatever I choose to do, I can also choose to continue past these 40.

  2. Beautiful, thoughtful post. Praise God. A friend sent me a Lenten daily devotional through I'm signing up.

  3. I like the list. I do not do Lent, I wasn't brought up that way in our church but I will definately try to do some of the things on the list!

  4. This was absolutely wonderful. I love love love it. You have it all right here.


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