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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


A pharmacist tells a customer, "In order to buy arsenic you need a legal prescription. A picture of your mother-in-law just isn't enough."
My mother-in-law is banned internationally from playing poker, as she keeps all the chips on her shoulder.
Adam and Eve were the happiest, and the luckiest, couple in the world, because neither of them had a mother-in-law.
What is the difference between outlaws and in-laws?
   Outlaws are Wanted.
Fred and Rick were in a pub. Fred says to his mate, "My mother-in-law is an angel."Rick replies, "You're lucky. Mine is still alive."

making fun of mother-in-laws is nothing new. they're a stereotyped group that has had their share of being maligned. and like most sterotypes… there's usually a degree of truth to it.
i'm happy to say that my MIL doesn't fit that category, and never has.
she doesn't offer unsolicited advice. she's kind and generous beyond what is humanly possible at times. she is thoughtful, careful with her words. she guides gently, is always mindful of others' feelings and loves the Lord with all of her heart.
she raised four children in quick succession. four kids {and three boys!} under six at one point. in the national park system. almost like being a "natural" missionary. she rocks in the backwoods mom category, too.
she's having surgery today… the first surgery since her tonsillectomy when she was five. no hospitalizations or procedures in the following 73 years. that's pretty amazing. my son has had so many surgeries in his 21 years that i almost can't count that high.
she's pretty nervous about it all. the idea of going under anesthesia… the procedure itself. the recovery. the caregiving that her husband is going to have to do. it's foreign territory for a woman who has spent her life caregiving for everyone else.
it's unchartered territory for her. and she's uncomfortable with her lack of control.
i'm so thankful for my mother-in-love. since my mother's death eleven years ago, she's been a sweet stand-in, without trying to take her place. she's my great go-to girl. her heart is about as genuine as they come. she's a great role model for me as i look toward being a mother-in-law myself one day. and i hope i can love my children's spouses as she has shown me.
pretty big shoes to fill, but i'm up for the challenge.


  1. What a sweet tribute to your mother in law. She sounds like an amazing woman. I'll be praying for her today and for the surgeon. God bless this dear woman.

  2. This is sweet. My parents were excellent parents-in-law. It makes me sad Brad didn't get to know them.

    When your mil wakes up, tell her people were praying, even here in frigid IL where it's so cold, forming words is hard!

  3. Awe, how sweet. I am sorry for the loss of your mother,

    You are so lucky to have a MIL that is awesome & loves you.

  4. I will pray for her today. I too am blessed with an incredibly supportive mil, at 87 she is lonely in her great big, empty home. Our prayer is that she can see her future here with us surrounded by family. It is a difficult thing letting go of our comfort zone of the place we love.

    Mother-in-laws have so much to offer those around them. I pray yours sees the blessings as she accepts the love and support of your family.

  5. It sounds like you and your mother-in-law are dear friends and a blessing to each other. Yours sure sounds incredibly healthy over the years.

  6. Bless her heart! She sounds wonderful.

  7. She sounds like a wonderful woman. Hope that everything went well for her yesterday.


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