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Saturday, March 5, 2011

photoless saturday

clever title, huh?
the hubs, boy wonder and i are back in tuscaloosa for parents weekend at bama girl's sorority. we were just here three weeks ago, but since we won't see the kids over spring break and we needed to get the girl's debutante dress to her so she can get it altered… we decided to make the trip.
there was a wonderful dinner at The Zone, the new addition at Bryant Denny Stadium. i managed to leave my camera in the car and since it was raining, elected not to go back and retrieve it. failure #1.
AOPi hosted a run to benefit the juvenile arthritis foundation this morning. i reached for my camera and the girl said can't have cameras, mom. zaps will be there. apparently the sororities hire a professional photographer to document the event and the girls can order prints from them no personal cameras allowed. since the daughter works for zaps… had to comply even though there were a TON of cheaters. camera fail #2.
the weather could not be more uncooperative. it was blustery and cloudy on our walk to the house and during race check in. as we exited the house for a big group picture, it began to pour. needless to say i was not the only one to skip the run in favor of warmer, drier environs. the hard-core athletes ran and walked and came back soaked to the bone. can't say i missed that event! being without a camera proved to be a blessing… a) it was super rainy and b) rain hair is not suitable for documentation anyway!
lunch was catered by mcallisters {love their tea!} and everyone enjoyed some good fellowship before we ventured out into the tuscaloosa monsoon.
we stopped by the outdoor mall {because it's so much more fun to shop in driving rain when you can get soaked from store to store!} to see if we could find a pair of white shoes so the girl can get her dress altered. after we figured out she already had a pair of white sandals that would work, she ended up getting two pair of heels instead. i'm so glad i'm old and don't have to be a fashion plate. shoes today are like stilts. i'd break my neck for sure.
there's a cocktail party tonite, but we're bypassing that in favor for a matinee and dinner at our favorite place… the iguana grill.


  1. Tres clever.

    Enjoy the rest of your time there.

  2. All I saw was the parts about food. I want food. Good food. Miss food.

  3. Well even without the pictures it sounds like it was a good time, even with the rain. I couldn't do the shoes today either!!!


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