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Saturday, March 19, 2011

crazy week.

in the midst of really trying to "be good" and limit my onlineliness, i've had one of the busiest weeks at work i can remember. it's a good thing, really. i don't mind my job when i can just go about what i need to do without a whole lot of audience participation.
for the most part, this is what i got this week.
i was so busy, i didn't even hang out with regina spektor or barton hollow {love me some cival wars, people} but worked in complete silence.
well, except for the dogs barking. now that the weather is nicer, the pups have more outside time. and they bark. at everything. squirrels. worms. acorns.
so i'm twitter trolling this morning and came across a tweet: Define WHY you're blogging, set GOALS and define SUCCESS! 
i think that's why i've been so silent lately. not necessarily because i'm fasting from blogging {but i am being very mindful of how i am not dedicating my best to my work, so have felt very convicted to cool it while i'm on the clock}, but because i'm trying to figure out what it is about blogging that has me here. why i have a voice. what i want to say. 
i know the relationships i've made here in bloggy land are super important to me. i've met some incredible inspirational people. i've seen perseverance like no other and faith that can literally move mountains.
so why am i blogging? what do i hope to accomplish? and how to go about that?
that may be fodder for another blog post. for now, i ponder.
it's perhaps not as deep as the why am i here question… you know THE Question {why am i here}, but the question why am i here? confused?
i know in the big picture why i am here is to glorify God… but in this little picture of here… what the heck am i doing here?
off to ponder that.
and do laundry.
and clean my house.
and do a bit of gardening.
sort some photos.
order some prints.
make a little dinner.
welcome the kiddles home from their cruise.

are you sure there's only 24 hours in a day?? 

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  1. I blog for the friendships it helps me create and those it helps me maintain when I'm too busy to do so in person.


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