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Friday, April 15, 2011

a must have… or not

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i remember seeing the infomercial for the snuggie.
a snuggie? really? that's pretty lame.
and then about three million people promptly went out and bought one. or one for everyone in their household.
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then there was the commercial for the hoodie-footie pajamas.
oh dear… are they serious?? $99 for pajamas?? and it comes with a little velour short set and a do not disturb sign.
uhhhh. awkward.
and those things flew off the shelf too.
clearly i'm no judge of must have items.
that's why i'll probably be buying stock in the SlobStopper.
yes, you heard me.
or perhaps better know as the adult bib.
totally not kidding.

you might want to follow my blog now… you know, before i get so famous/rich. you can say you knew me when…
…or not.


  1. I'm always on the look out for my next As Seen on TV item. In fact, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get something that I think is silly, of course, and they were all sold out!!

  2. I remain confident in my choice to use my money otherwise! I wonder how many people buy those things as joke gifts. Since I'm such a cheapo, I tend to not buy joke gifts.

    I know consider me a kill joy. Hm, new name for my blog, perhaps?

  3. OK. #1. I totally need this. Seriously.

    #2. I would TOTALLY be THAT girl who thought the guy was hotter b/c he was wearing a bib. I mean com'on!

  4. You created a monster! I watched that video and it led to others that were hysterical. Now I will just have to live with a messy house since I spent the afternoon chuckling at infomercials that are mostly ridiculous. Thanks, I hate dusting anyway.


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