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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Must I Be a Locust-eater?

In the midst of studying women of the Bible,  I am thinking and pondering exactly what it looks like to follow hard after Christ.
In the midst of studying women of the Bible, I am having these deep conversations about the Holy Spirit with my very energized college son, BoyWonder.
In the midst of studying women of the Bible, my pastor is challenging us…

You and I are on a journey, whether or not we choose to be, and we will either be carried along by the currents of our culture, our old habits and routines, or we will intentionally chart a new course, toward becoming the people that we have always known deep inside that we long to be, because we know that we were created to be so much more than we have yet become.Why is it that we settle for so much less? Why are we, who believe that God has offered us so much in Christ, still willing year after year to settle for so little? Is it not because we also want many other things that we suspect may be incompatible with the claims of Christ? Or is it, perhaps, because we have tried the path of our culture, particularly the messages presented so seductively in the various media through which our senses swim each day, conspires to tell us that we can have what we want with little time and effort, if only we are willing to pay with cash or credit card. Yet we know, in our more reflective moments, that nothing of value comes easily or cheaply. Even grace, which is by definition “free,” is anything BUT cheap.
I look around me and there are people who are so on fire. I'm living in the spirit too… but perhaps not as demonstratively…
Must I be a locust-eater to be living radically for Christ?
What does it look like to have one foot in this culture and the other firmly rooted in heaven?
BoyWonder is captivated by these gifts of the spirit. Friends are recounting their experiences of speaking in tongues, friends are speaking prophesy over his life… he's so excited about his relationship with Christ… yet i fear he's excited about seeking the gifts of the Holy Spirit rather than seeking the Holy Spirit.
Lots of questions today…
…what does a life lived radically for Jesus look like?
…how do I spiritually guide BoyWonder from a distance?
…how do I walk in this life when I long for heaven… and still be "normal?"


  1. I think there's such an important point here - seeking after the gifts of the Spirit, rather than the Holy Spirit. All too common, I think.

    The Bible says to live in the world but not of the world. I think that staying in the Word is the only way to not get totally wrapped up in this world and in our particular culture. We, as followers of Christ, are a peculiar people, set apart. And I don't think that means we have to dress with long skirts and sneakers. But we are different, in that true followers of Christ will be exhibiting the fruits of the Spirit.

  2. Spiritual gifts is a favorite topic of mine. Can you imagine what the Body would be like if we each discovered our gift (or gifts) and used them in service for Him? It would be way different than how things are now, I believe. One word of caution that came to me as I read your thought-provoking post is that he might need to be reminded that we don't all get the same gift. He may never receive the gift of tongues, or prophecy. Less "glamourous" gifts are just as important. The Body can't just be made of lips. Someone needs to be the backbone, the big toe, or the hand (of service). I taught a Precepts class called Spiritual Gifts, and I did a two-day seminar at our church on this topic. Would love to chat more with you about this if you'd like.

  3. Those are excellent questions that I have no clue how to answer. I do know that I need to spend more time in the word.


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