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Friday, September 10, 2010

Sounds So Sketch

I've been blogging for well over a year… i actually started a few years ago as a vehicle to communicate with our supporters when I took a group of students to Ch*na on a m*ssion trip. It was a great way to share stories of how our Father was at work and offer up pictures to help illustrate our story-telling. I'm thankful for that blog, as coming home is so overwhelming that it's oftentimes hard to completely process.
But i digress.
This blogging thing is not new for me.
I could go into a huge blah blah blahhhg about why I pour out my heart and soul to a relative bunch of strangers… or even to the far reaches of the internet (all five who regularly read, haha).
But I won't. {You're welcome.}
This is an area about me The Hubster may never understand. I'm okay with that… not sure he is… but that's his problem, I reckon!
He doesn't get why I have the need to overshare on a huge platform. He doesn't understand the relationships and true friendships that are possible via blogs and Facebook. I've given up trying to explain.
He didn't really understand why I'd spend four hours (round trip) driving to see an OLF this summer. I didn't belabor the point… I just did it. I was back in my home town for a visit and was scads closer to Ellen than I would be here in TN, so proximity being on my side (and the fact that the hubs didn't make the trip with me) I took a risk and met a person I met on the internet.
I mean really, it sounds perfectly normal, but to explain it to someone who has no internet life… it sounds so super sketch.
I can't think of anything more wonderful than actually getting a chance to face-to-face-hang out with someone i've been hanging out with {on the internet} for over a year. There are so many of you that I would really love to grab an iced tea (Petro's special recipe Hint-of-Orange® Iced Tea, of course!) and chat on the front porch with the sounds of children playing nearby in the background.
I'm getting that chance again today when the hubs {I know… he's actually agreed to go… not really knowing what in the heck he's doing} and I go to Nashville to met Kimber and her boi. Super excited! We were going to go to the Vandy game together (playing LSU) but we are in need at our venue at the MTSU stadium, so alas, we'll have to part ways Friday night.
So as sketchy as it sounds, I'm getting a chance to hang out with someone i met on the internet. If she turns out to be some awful old man who wears nothing but a trenchcoat, I'll try to snap a picture before I dial 911. And I'll tell you all about how The Hubs tells me "I told you so" all the way back to Knoxville.
I'm getting ready to leave all this dumb work that has been choking me aside for 34 hours. I'd pretty much sign up to meet satan to get that. {no offense, Kimber} I'm really excited to meet the other Kimber. We've often joked that we're never seen together in photographs because we're practically the same person. {nevermind the fact that I'm not blonde, nor am I staring 30 in the face… not by a flippin longshot. Hopefully she'll be okay hanging out with the elderly tonite}
Off to go have fun.
For tomorrow I shall work. Bleck.


  1. I have met so many amazing women online. Some have been crazy, but for the most part, everyone is great.

  2. Yes, The Engineer so doesn't get it either. I hope you have a wonderful visit! I'm looking forward to meeting you when you inaugurate a Petro's here in CO!!!!

  3. husband gets it because we met through!


    And I'm glad you're a blogger/blogreader who can actually tell my you like my house 'cause you've been there!

  4. Oh my goodness! Have a WONDERFUL time!

    And Orange tea? Can't wait until we meet someday!

  5. I promise, she's not an old man:) She's SUPA. There won't be a dull moment, I'm sure!!!! CAn't wait for the photog proof of your fun night!

  6. I hope you have a great time! So fun to read this post. I've thought about quitting blogging, because it does take up a lot of time, but it was started mainly as a journal for myself, someplace online where I could put photos and a few thoughts that wouldn't burn up in a house fire. (An EMP attack, of course, is a different story.) BUT, it's really therapeutic to write, and besides I love visiting the other bloggers and reading what they have to say. So I continue... So we all blog.

  7. Have a wonderful time. I think it's an awesome idea. Can't wait to hear how it goes and hopefully we won't be seeing the trench coat. I know that most of my blogging friends are years younger then I am. I could actually be their mother!

  8. I have been lucky enough to meet some bloggers in real life and it's been wonderful every time!! I hope to meet a few more at a conference next month in Atlanta....please post pics & updates when you have time! Hope it was a blast!

  9. awwwwwwww Rocky thinks I'm supa!! {although I'm pretty sure that was Julie using his blog} hehe
    I'm CERTAIN HE thinks I am too :)


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