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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Random thoughts…
I was noticing that it is already Thursday. Where has this week gone?
And then… I noticed that it is September 30th. What? Where did September go? {I'm thinking it went to the football stadiums, too! Or it went to Alaska to cool off!}
Third quarter of 2010 in the record books. Were we not just ringing in 2010?
Is it only old people that marvel at the swift passage of time? {please say no, please say no}
The critter-gitter was here this morning to spray the outside of our house and remove all the spiderwebs {shudder}. Hopefully that will keep the bumper crop of stink bugs out of our house, too.
{i know, yesterday a locust, and today a stink bug!}
Since when do we even have stink bugs?? Apparently we're not the only ones with an infiltration… they were featured on the front page of the paper last week. Ugh.
And who knew they were so pesky!!?
In the midst of insane busyness, the Hubs and I tore ourselves away from our computers to spend the afternoon and evening with the parentals. We met them to enjoy some good old-fashioned music at the Southern Gospel Music Festival at Dollywood. We missed seeing Dolly, literally, by one minute. I saw her little blonde head over the sea of people assembled to watch the parade as we were at the ticket booth. It's not like i'm a huge Dolly fan… but she has done so many great things for the people of Southern Appalachia… and she's the closest thing tennessee has to royalty! It's not like I'm a huge southern gospel fan either… but it was enjoyable and the people there performing were so very talented!
Getting up in the morning in the dark is just not fun. It's not like I'm getting up earlier… it's just dark. Shorter days… grrrr. not a fan. It'll be another month before we fall back. I guess when I consider the shorter and shorter days and think of all that darkness I should be thankful that I don't live someplace where it gets dark in the early afternoon!
Decided yesterday to have a yard sale in two weeks. The last time I did that the Hubs about served me with papers. Need to raise some resources for a special event for bamagirl. I hate having yard sales with every fiber of our being, but also know that we need to purge. Big time.
Hopefully we've seen our last stink bug in the house {at least I know enough not to squish them! eeeewww} and I'll take time to embrace the fall. 
So… that's all I got. Have a wonderful Thursday and last day of September. 


  1. Time flies. Or is it "time stink bugs." Hm, suddenly, I'm not certain...

  2. Not that I am young but my adult children also feel that the year is passing by quickly! the stink bug. So glad you go to get away for the day, sounds like it was fun. Funny how you just saw Dolly's head.

  3. Love these random musings. Hope the sale goes well. What a pain in the rear! I'm already collecting for my next one. xo

  4. I guess when I consider the shorter and shorter days and think of all that darkness I should be thankful that I don't live someplace where it gets dark in the early afternoon!

    Amen! I always took it for granted until moving here. Once we go back to Texas, I don't think I'll ever feel that I can complain about waking up when it's dark or the sun setting too early. On that topic, I just looked up some info on daylight right now, and in 2 weeks, our days here will be 50 minutes shorter. Eep! In just a month (just after fall back), the sun sill set at 5.

    And I think time has flown this year as well. I cannot believe it's already fall. I feel like it was just April and the volcano in Iceland was erupting, causing us a lot of travel and work problems.

  5. Our infestation is with little orange beetles that sting and bite and crawl into the house by the thousands! AND, what makes them even better is that they smell like an old cigar ashtray. ICK.

    And I'm not looking forward to the shorter days either. After DST goes off in the fall, it's starting to get dark about 4:30 PM. I'm hoping my full-spectrum light next to the sofa will inspire me to knit as I'm becoming more cheerful due to the light. We'll see how that works out.


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