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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

you've seen the beauty… now meet the beast!

as promised, here are some shots of boy wonder's digs. while they're nowhere near bama girls 5 star resort… it's perfect for the guys.
he's pretty proud of his find and the fact that he orchestrated all the arrangements… bought the tv, had the DSL installed (which required the phone company running a line into the house), had the dish network come out and slap a satellite on the front of the house (wouldn't have been my choice, but at least his landlord was there for the install), electricity, water… the works. husband training, i suppose!
all the boys are moved in, and the only thing really missing is the sectional, which is coming from our house. the challenge has been how to get it there… as well as the fact that dear ole dad is slightly distracted with five new stores opening up this weekend. so they'll get it… it'll just be awhile. until then, they've got a makeshift sectional of camp chairs. i think the cup holder feature helps lessen the blow of not having "real furniture."
i spared you the shot of the huge corn hole game that is on display in the living room. not sure if that will find a better home… you know how guys are… they really don't care that much about appearances.
it's a cute little house with four good-sized bedrooms and even boasts a security system!
non functional fireplace could use a plant or something. here's where girlfriends come in handy.
kitchen is a mix of original cabinetry and new. cute little mud room with a laundry just behind the kitchen. came with washer and dryer. that is a HUGE blessing!
boy wonder's room has two huge windows with cheapo plastic shades that didn't do much to block the sunshine in the morning. got some black out curtains at big lots. perfect. he of course could not be bothered with the fold marks. boys!
he scored two closets in this room. while his is the smallest bedroom, he rocks in storage. his roomates think he has more clothes than a guy should, but he has to try to keep up with his sister who probably owns 50 tshirts.
everyone needs a mini-fridge in their room, right? he hates having to walk the six steps to the kitchen to get his gatoraid. i love the shelving unit his grandparents gave him. in original box, but missing the little pegs that hold up the shelves. mr. resourceful was going to head to home depot to score something that would work.
two bathrooms in the house (not bad for a 1920s house) one of which he shares with the other guy in the back of the house. i've got curtains for the windows in my pile of things to sew. it'll happen… one of these days!
somehow the windows on the side of the house all have dead ivy carcasses encased inside. not a feature at "the beauty." not by a long shot. but it does add to the "charm" of the house.
the place comes with a fenced in back yard, a picnic table and a gas grill. it also has a sprinkler system (go figure) and their landlord keeps up the lawn. not a bad deal!
all in all the boys are quite happy with their place and after moving have all expressed a desire to stay put for at least a few years. college years can be rather nomadic… having to move nine months after getting settled and then again 3 months later after having to live out of boxes. they're ready to settle for awhile. because in their words… moving sucks.
i would have to agree!


  1. It's still a pretty cute house for a bunch of boys!

  2. I agree with Kristina. Much classier than any boy digs I've seen...LOL on the fold marks...totally guy!

  3. I love the bones of it! Very neato little bungalow. I'm sure it's much nicer than the Baton Rouge digs of my boy...we have to wait on that one!

  4. It's a very cute house. I think he did good. It looks really good inside. You will see lots of growth this year with him living on his own.

  5. That's great! Looks really nice. Be sure to send us the 'after' pic - ya know, after they've lived there for two or three days. LOL

  6. Very cute house!!! I love those old style ones!


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