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Thursday, August 12, 2010

University of Club Med

so enough with the hand wringing, i suppose. she's in. she's settled, and it's not like i'm going to move her out of it… so i'll take my own advice and suck it up. deal.
in defense of bamagirl (or MET aka Martha's Evil Twin), she did do much of her decorating herself. or used things from last year, like her coverlet. yay for recycling.
she yardsaled and got a cool armoire to house her ghetto tv (she's the only one in her foursome without… are you ready?… a 32" plasma tv in her bedroom) which she painted and i distressed.
the bed table was a yardsale find. the curtains were a purchase from tuesday morning.
the "live, laugh, love" sign over her window was another yard sale find. she painted over the center and hand painted the words. it turned out really cute. we bought the fabric and recovered her body pillow from last year and recovered four pillows we stole from her bedroom here at our house.
the hutch over her desk is her roommate's over the bed shelving she had in her dorm last year. cut the sides off… and voila! a desk hutch! the christmas lights are from last year, too.
the canvases over her bed she painted herself.
acne medicine rendered her towels from last year unusable (grrrr.) so we decided white was probably best. she bought the trim for the towels and i sewed them for her and a friend monogrammed the bath towel. i sewed the flowers onto her shower curtain by hand while we drove from our home to alabama. a tedious dang job that i didn't finish. (empty spot in the center, plus she wants stems for the flowers). she painted the bathroom before we arrived and decided she does NOT want a career painting houses! what a pain!!
the kitchen is nicer than mine. seriously. i think my cooktop is better, but they have stunning cabinets with tons of room.
one nice thing about the apartment is their unit is on the end. so both the living room and bamagirl's rooms have double the windows. it's a cheery space. they're recycling curtains from bamagirl's dorm from last year. they match the throw pillows.  the other blue ones were yardsale finds as were the decorations on all of the tables, including the lamps. just need a couple of lampshades for those.
the eating nook's curtains came from her dorm bedroom from last year. $2.50 for a tension rod… and voila!
tomorrow i'll give you a tour of the clubhouse. i hope one of the students has to move out and an apartment is available. the hubs and i have decided we'd love a 4 bedroom 4 bath home with all the amenities. i just don't want to have to do the school part. okay?
maybe the girls need a maid… i'm available. there's probably enough room in the pantry for me.


  1. Holy crap! You weren't kidding. That looks like it could be the model. I am jealous.

  2. Wow! That place is amazing. I love it - she's a lucky girl!

  3. Forgot to share earlier, I love her painting!

  4. Just watched Mac and Brad load the truck. In it were his roommate's belongings. Already I know this is much closer to my experience than your daughter's. Even Mackers was cringing when he saw the couches. And Mac has a vintage wrought iron dining room table, but his roomie, said, "I have one." It's icky.

    No switching though...

    All about the icky in grad school!

  5. Let's see a some pictures from Alex's place! I am sure it is close to the same?????

  6. It is so beautiful. She is very lucky to have such a wonderful place to live. When we were on vacation we always shop at the Ralph Lauren store for towels. Bought a great set for daughter & SIL for Christmas and wanted to get a set for our son & his girl, only white for them because of the face stuff too! I pray that she has a wonderful year.

  7. Wow. Just wow. Very stylish. Does not look at ALL like any college apartment I've seen...Nicely done!

  8. I missed this post. WOW. Gorgeous. I can't believe all the work you put into that!


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