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Monday, August 16, 2010

i would never leave…

other than having to live in tuscaloosa {which i personally have nothing against, but since our work is here… that might be a problem}, the hubs and i were pretty serious when we looked around at bamagirl's new surroundings and began to picture ourselves in this world…
i mean who wouldn't love to leave their schwank apartment and go to the clubhouse? it's like a mini-city. all it's missing is a freaking petting zoo… seriously.
a fitness center (this is only one of three areas) that rivals the best gyms…
an indoor climbing wall (heck i climb my own walls, so why not these?)
stair steppers, elipticals, treadmills oh my!
a cinema? well it ain't an imax, but how fun to watch a movie in a lounge chair with some friends? there's even a popcorn machine (and i'm not talkin' a microwave)!
a wall of tvs all tuned to sports, game tables, foosball, pool tables and more!
in between games of pool, you can check your facebook or write that intro to your thesis in the cyber lounge. in addition to the three pcs and two macs, it's completely wireless in case you want to bring your own…
all that climbing, working out, checking email and playing cards wearing you out?? relax in the hammock cove. seriously… there's even posts if you have your own eno and want a place to hang…
of course there's a pool. and of course there's a lounge lagoon where the water is shallow enough to just drag your lounge chair in and sun and be wet. (my idea of heaven)
water volleyball, fun music playing in the background… the only thing missing is a cabana boy.
naturally there's a hot tub. all this playing and lounging can leave a person with some awfully sore muscles. better head to the hot tub and soak awhile. 

so if you need us… we'll be hanging out at the clubhouse. the hubs is looking for a place he can set up his cabana boy gear, and i'm going to see about learning how to make some popcorn. if we make ourselves useful around here, maybe they'll ask us to stay…
just don't tell bamagirl… we want it to be a surprise!


  1. wow! I want to go visit her!!

  2. Oh yeah. Good luck with that plan. If it works, I'll join you and sign on to polish those parquet floors! I went to the main site of the University and wondered why all the freshmen are 10 year olds! (Can't believe how young everyone is...and how very, very old I am- and still breathing.)lol

  3. Hee Hee! Certainly looks nicer than any vacay spots I've been this summer.

  4. I definitely need to pay a visit to her. That is *fabulous*. Seriously.

  5. Talked to Mac at LSU who said of his place, "I like it just fine, you'll find something wrong with it." Then he told me there was a WalMart right next door! His roommate's mom said about the coach home they're renting, "I haven't seen any bugs!"
    And Mac went on to tell me he doesn't think it's a rough neighborhood, but if it is, "it's cool because a Baton Rouge police officer lives in the complex. It's part of a program down here." Uh huh...

    He hasn't seen the pool yet, the 116 degree heat index kept him inside his first full day there. And I don't mean inside poppin' corn and watchin' movies, although maybe he left that part out!

  6. Um, excuse me while I wipe the drool off my face...

  7. wow!!! it just KEEPS getting better!!!
    who knew ALABAMA could have something so nice :) hehe

  8. Oh my gosh how awesome! I wouldn't leave either!

  9. Sounds like heaven to me. What a wonderful place to live, she is a very lucky girl.


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