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Monday, August 9, 2010


i have much to share from our weekend,  but i'm going to have to wait because i'm insanely busy, and i'm finding that i'm in need of processing, as well.
my heart is out of sorts today, which is surprising since bama girl left a week ago and all we did was move her in and help her get settled. i still have another kid at home (even though it'll be less than a week and he's off, too…
and this isn't my first go-around at empty nest.
so why the funk?
my heart is tripped up on something and i can't quite put my finger on it.
tears are coming easily today. better watch it. the hubs has no idea what to do with those. i think they're worse than spiders for him. ha!


  1. {HUGS}

    I just hate those know THOSE when you just feel bleck and aren't really sure why!?

  2. I hate those days too. Usually my 'TOM' shows up w/i a few days and makes me feel totally stupid.

  3. Isn't it strange to be encouraging L on fb about her awaited baby as we send our "babies" off?

    Brad knows I'm going to weep. I think about Saturday and that car driving (like now as I type those words) away, and I tear up. It's only Monday.

    One of my friends used the term "unpack" as in, "It's going to take me weeks to unpack this school year." She used it in June at the end of a really hard school year. I thought it was so jargony, but since my mental scoff, I've found myself using it.

    As they are packing and transitioning, as you are helping them, you are unpacking--at least today. And with that sorting, it's natural for tears to come.

  4. *hugs* I hope you're quickly able to figure out the source of your blue funk.


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