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Monday, August 30, 2010

an orphan of a different kind, but still just as needy

i've got a OLF that i met while ago because he takes crazy great photos and had a cool series of his wife's pregnancy along with some commentary from a guy's/husband's perspective. he's not only great behind a camera, but a fantasic writer too.
i was hooked.
he followed his wife's series with another one (different couple) and it was equally awesome.
i also, like i've done with many of my "regulars,"gotten to sorta know them, via his blog.
in addition to the adorable tessa tangerine, his daughter her photographed while in utero, he and his wife have a son from her first marriage. LB (little buddy) suffers from a rare genetic disorder called SMS. (here's a link to more info)
so ryan, being the creative type, assembled some talented friends and artists who donated their talents to make a children's album. 100% of the proceeds goes to a grant fund he established through PRISMS.
getting a diagnosis for your child can be devastating news. but just think if your diagnosis is for a disease or condition that is rare. little is written or known about it, and no known cure. or plan of action for how to manage the condition.
these little orphan diseases are underfunded (if funded at all) and oftentimes misunderstood. raising awareness and resources can be exhausting and daunting.
please go to this link. purchase it today on itunes. and repost this little widget on your blog or tweet about it (#dofunstuff) today. ryan is trying to create as much buzz about it as possible.
do you have kids? go buy this album. your kids will love it.
does your church have a preschool or preschool sunday school classes? they'd love a new fun kids album.
have grandchildren? nieces? nephews? neighbors with kids??
come on… this is for a great cause. and you can give this to someone (or a bunch of people… buy a bunch!!) for christmas!
if this was you… a parent of a child with an orphan disease, wouldn't you want all of your friends to get the word out??


  1. Thanks for spreading the word! I hopped over and did a lot of reading. :-) Going to go buy album.

  2. YAY!!!! how awesome is THAT!!!?

  3. I will go and check it out. Very nice of you to post this.


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