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Monday, May 11, 2009

sensory overload

in the spirit of how we spend our monday mornings, it's time for our weekly "true confessions" or "un-confessions" as we spill our guts about all we didn't do over the last week. you know, stuff we really did, but wouldn't ever admit to. especially not for the entire world to see. i know i don't exactly have the draw that mckmama does, but this is actually accessible by anyone, so technically, i'm baring my soul for the whole world to see. not that anyone will actually see it. whatever, you get the point. check out to see what the rest of mckmama's blog carnival, not me mondays (nmm) hasn't been up to as well. 

the last week has been a blur of activity and preparations. i'm not so consumed with the details of putting together a wonderful baccalaureate service that i was awake from 1:30 am until 5. and i didn't fritter the time i could have been doing things that would have taken the stress away by reading and finishing a book instead. i mean i was kind of trying to fall back asleep. 

in the midst of preparing for graduation, i didn't help my son host 36 kids over at our house on friday night for the innaugural wiffle ball preseason banquet. with a country club theme, everyone arrived dressed to the nines. i didn't snap a million pictures, because i would only have to download them and organize them and save a few for my blog and who in the world has time to do that? NOT ME!!

the hubster and i didn't have as much fun as the kids that night and weren't up until the wee hours of the night talking and laughing with the kids. i mean who does that? they need their space, right?? i mean, we would never just sit around and hang out with our kids friends and laugh and share stories, right?? i thought so!

i didn't spend the entire day on saturday preparing for the graduation party we were throwing for bama girl immediately following baccalaureate service. i didn't spend three hours scanning pictures for her slide show that i wanted for sunday. i mean, it's not like i didn't know she was graduating, right? it's not like i didn't have a few years notice about this event!! i would never procrastinate this bad that she had to pick out her own photos for the show! and i would never wait until the day before the party to finish something i had years to prepare for. that is so unlike me! really, it is! (n't)

i wasn't up past midnight on saturday hemming her graduation gown and shortening the sleeves. i wasn't so cheap and miserly and bitter about having to purchase (as in keep forever) another graduation gown because we had a perfectly resonable one in our possession that wasn't even a year old!! i wasn't the least bit frazzled that the sewing machine kept messing up, resulting in a labrynth of stiches where only a single stitch should have been. and since it was doing that on the frontside of the gown, i wasn't grinding my teeth and about to hurl four letter insults at a stupid machine. nooooo, that would be entirely irrational and at one o'clock in the morning i was completely rational. and after ripping (again and again) i didn't finally put the finishing touches on the gown and it didn't look absolutely perfect. and i didn't gloat in the least about how we didn't have to purchase another lame, cheap gown. i mean who needs to own ONE of those things, let alone TWO!!?

i didn't cry once while i was looking at all the graduates ready for baccalaureate. i didn't marvel at how God had orchestrated a perfect, cool, sunny (in the midst of veritable monsoon weather here for the past two weeks) mother's day and all the elements for a precious baccalaureate. that is completely in His character, and i didn't doubt for a minute that it would all be perfect. and the service wasn't the most amazing service with the most precious speakers or the most talented bunch of kids performing. i didn't swell with just a tad of pride as our school's administrators complimented a glorious event. it wasn't a splendid way to spend mother's day and i didn't cry like a baby. nope, not me!!

and i didn't drop with exhaustion into bed at 10 pm last night. and i didn't fall asleep in minutes without even having to read to get sleepy. and i'm pretty much sure i didn't snore. because that would be so completely out of character for me. 


  1. The pictures are all beautiful. It looks like everything was certainly perfect. Congratulations! I am sooooo not looking forward to that next year. They just grow up too quickly.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a shout out!

  2. Glad to see you had such a happy and fun week! Love all the photos- and who cares what was last minute as long as it all got done, right? :)

    I've been trying to post for a while here- it keeps eating my comments. I'm trying this again...

  3. I'm going to tempt fate and say... yeah it worked!

  4. What a busy week! It looks like it was a lot of fun, though - especially the wiffle ball festivities. :)

  5. awwww - looks like it was a fantastic and emotional weekend! Is that Grandpas and Grandmas with your son and daughter?


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