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Monday, May 4, 2009

whoo hoo!! NMM is BACK!!

after a long absence while we were all busy praying for little mckmuffin's heart to get out of his stubborn SVT, we took a five (or was it six??) week hiatus to stand virtual vigil beside his little hospital crib. he's home and NMM is back! and you can skip on over to mckmama's site to see what everyone else hasn't been doing lately! 

while i could write a book of all the things i did for the last 5-6 weeks, i'll have a little mercy and spare you the gory details.

many of you already don't know that i haven't been sweating profusely and cursing jillian michaels right to her face as i haven't been shredding for the past 23 days. (i would never curse, or hurl insults, nope, not my style.) and i would never waste my time grunting epitaphs (ie wishing a certain someone a tomb-like existence) at someone who can't even hear me, since she lives on my television. . . that wouldn't make me very bright, would it?

i haven't made it 21 of the last 23 days on the said shred, and i havent' dropped 3+ inches off my frame in hopes of fitting into the smaller clothes i got last year when i dropped almost 40 pounds. i would never have gained so much of that weight back that i'd have to forgo wearing skinny clothes for new, bigger clothes. that is NOT gonna be me, nosirnoway!!

i didn't have 8 girls getting ready for prom splayed all over my living room on saturday. i didn't cringe slightly as my entire living room was getting an aquanet shelacking all day. no, i would never be that "mrs. clean-anal" that is so not my style, and i have the tumbleweed dustbunnies to prove it.

i didn't have all 8 girls parents and dates drop in in one fell swoop and it wasn't the least bit chaotic trying to corral the three yapping dachshunds who wanted to be in the center of the attention and/or chew on the new toddler that they were completely confused with. they've never seen a baby before and were not absolutely captivated and did not knock the little one down without so much of an "i'm sorry." and we weren't all scrambing around trying to take pictures in the one nice spot on the back patio. we didn't look like a bunch of drunk paparazzi. nope, that would have been out of control, and we were certainly the picture of decorum. ahem.

after taking about 100 pictures on my back deck, we didn't all pile into our vehicles to go out and join fifteen other couples in the park. it would be practically impossible to take pictures of 36 people.

(and boy wonder isn't so comfortable in his own skin that he can drop choppers and give us the gumby-smile!!)

and it wouldn't be completely crazy with another 50 people trying to snap away. it wansn't ridiculously noisy between hearing people say "look here!" and prom-goers yelling for their parents, "mom!! over here!!" it wasn't chaos. no, we were orderly and we could hear the birds chiping overhead.

the rain that had fallen in torrents since thursday didn't stop during the afternoon just long enough for pictures to happen. and the sun didn't peek out briefly while we were in the park. it wasn't like God himself didn't whisper "see, i heard you, how nice of you to ask! and here you go!!" and i didn't take a second to unglue my eye from my camera's eyepiece long enough to look up and say, "thank you, Jesus!"and i wasn't absolutely thrilled that bamagirl and boy wonder are such great friends that she asked one of his friends and he went with one of her friends,  and they aren't so tight that most of her friends went with his friends. and it wasn't like a giant reunion of the college guys reuinting with their friends from high school. it didn't make me cry for one second, marveling at how all those punches and button-pushing has resulted in one amazing, God-centered friendship and love.

i did not leave the park and head straight for the apple store for ilife 09. i mean i have ilife 08, and it works perfectly!! i didn't covet the new bells and whistles (one of which are the most amazing slide shows EVER) and didn't cough up the $99. (thank you graduation invite business!!) i wasn't still up editing pictures when the kids came back to collect cars and head out to the after party, and i didn't have a slide show ready for them to see!! 

i didn't tear up slightly when i looked at my bamagirl and realize that she has just one week of high school left. i didn't just look over her crib and look at her sweet sleeping face just yesterday. she did not grow up in the blink of an eye, no, not her!!

and i am not old enough to have two children in college. gah, not me!! 


  1. Wow, all the girls look so gorgeous!

  2. I have a tear in my eye from your last phrases...

    The girls looks gorgeous! Wow!

    Great NOT Me's!

  3. I am starting Jillian today! She is already making me curse! I started a few weeks ago but got busy so I am starting again today. Awesome job losing 3 inches! I hope it works for me!

  4. This was a fabulous post! I spent the weekend in a prom whirlwind too!
    My son is graduating in a few weeks as well.
    It looked like a super success! Great job on all you "didn't" do! :)

  5. oh, i want to be young and skinny and go to a prom...

  6. Wow!!! Gorgeous pictures!!! You must be the coolest mom around!

  7. those girls are gorgeous! And 3 inches in two weeks??! That's awesome!!

  8. Thanks for sharing the pictures. They all look fantastic, as I am sure you do too!! Way to go on all your progress with the Shred!!


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