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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

two can play this game!

i was blogstalking mckmama (i know, what's new!!?) the other day and happened across her post about couscous. she's a big proponent for "woodland creature food" and i must admit, if it says kashi on the label, i'm eating it. i love their stuff.

anywhoo. . . 

lunch for me is a hard one. i'm usually working in the cave and to even venture upstairs is more than i'm really willing to do. so making something for lunch is even less likely to happen. but if i don't eat, then i snack. and that doesn't usually end well. i end up eating many more calories than i intended, and many of them empty ones.

so today, as i was foraging in the fridge, i saw the bag of beginning to wilt cilantro and thought that i would make a little juice-cous myself and whip up a quick lunch. 1/2 cup white grape peach juice (because it's what i had on hand, thinking the grapefruit juice would be not quite as tasty), 1/2 cup water, 1 cup couscous, a handful of craisins, some toasted almonds and a nice big handful of cilantro leaves.  bring the liquids to a boil, toss in the craisins and couscous. remove it from the heat, slap a lid on it, and in five minutes after fluffing with a fork and tossing in the remaining ingredients, i had a tasty little snack. and best of all, with the fuity-ness of the couscous, i wasn't the least bit tempted to grab for the seasalt time i'm going to try some pineapple, raisins and curry. with some garbanzo beans. not because i think garbanzo beans would be a nice touch (i mean, really, who thinks these things?), but because it seems like a little inconspicuous protein would do a body good. oh, and round it out with some homemade hummus and carrots.

geezopeeze. you'd think i hadn't eaten lunch already!!


  1. Good Morning! That couscous thing has always confused me-mixing herbs with fruit? I think I read on MckMama's site that she sometimes uses chicken broth? Like I said... seems like a strange mix to me!

    Your pic in the post below - with your daughter and husband. Wow - you look like a million bucks! Now, I have no idea if you 'shrank' or not, but it matters not; a million bucks!

    Lucky for you and your children that they have grandparents that are wonderful and involved in their lives. Sadly, my daughters have only one grandparent left, and he... well... he is unfortunate and that's me trying to be kind.

    I hope you have a GREAT day - it is finally warming up here in the tundra region. Lots of outside work to do now that school is done. ~ Becky

  2. Yum! Off to grab some yummy ingredients! You have inspired me!
    Many Blessings!


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