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Monday, July 27, 2009

a day of fasting and prayer

**UPDATE** (see below)

last week, an "e-maginary friend" (ie a friend i met through blogging) introduced me to a mom of 10 who is has cancer. i didn't need alot of information other than mom of 10 (ten!!) with many little ones  and what doctors are calling terminal cancer to join with many in fasting and praying for this mother of many. i don't know her, but i do know a little about our God and know that He values his children's prayers.

then last night, stellan, a little guy many of us have prayed for over the months since his miraculous birth, took a turn for the worse and i thought i'd pray and fast for him today as well.

you don't need all the details if you feel you want to join me. God has the ins and outs of their situations completely under control. all we need to do as a body is pray and focus.

if you want a bit more background on cindy's story and/or the call to fast and pray, you can go here and here. if you want to keep up with stellan, you can read more here, and there's a link on that page to follow his momma on twitter, since she's been tweeting more than blogging of late. and by her recent tweets, it wouldn't be a bad idea at all to drop to your knees right now and pray. stellan's in a tough spot. 

dear heavenly father, you are the great healer and physician. you hold both of theses lives and the lives connected to cindy and stellan in your big, powerful hands. you have all things in control, you are soverign. i don't understand your ways, but i trust you. i really do. i don't want to be presumptuous, or pretend that i know better than you, but i do lift up both of these precious lives and boldly ask for healing—for them to be snatched from the gates of suffering. i know my idea of healing may not be yours, and i am okay with that. but i plead for mercy and grace here, Lord. i humbly ask for your healing touch. give jennifer peace and comfort that only you can give. erradicate stellan's SVT and return his heart to normal sinus rhythm and restore the function of his organs. give cindy a future with her husband and her children, and remove the evil foreigner who intrudes. my words are inadequate Lord, and at the risk of offending the holy spirit by the requests i have clumsily offered, i beg for your mercy and grace. i lift these up in the matchless name of Jesus. amen.


adding 5 year old abby to the list. she's on her way to the hospital with a very serious bacteria in her blood and is allergic to many of the good antibiotics. she's undergoing chemo for leukemia and is fragile. this could turn very badly very quickly. what a day!

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  1. joing you in prayer. You did a wonderful job! Stellan has been on my mind all weekend. I am so sick for him and Jennifer. May God be with them.


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