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Saturday, July 25, 2009

so they may know

last saturday, i offered up a time to walk through my city and pray for the people of ch*na. our church had a team over there p-walking in an unreached people village (an unreached people group is one where there is no replicating church, and in many cases, the name Jesus has never been heard) in the southwest part of the country.
i'd love to say that throngs of people showed up for the activity, but i would be lying. and as niecey and i sat there by the water fountains at the court of flags at the 1982 world's fair site, i tried not to get discouraged when the time to begin slipped by.  and by.there was still the two of us, and matthew 18:20 tells us, for where two or three come together in my name, there i am with them. i wasn't about to let the enemy steal this activity. it wasn't long after texting a few people to pray, that three others appeared.
it reminded me of the three: shadrach, meshach and adednego, who were courageous to stand when all others bowed. God can do great things with just a few people, so bouyed by that sentiment, we left on our journey.
i brought my camera so we could remember what we noticed along the way and how we used these visual cues to pray.
we ask you to remove the barriers and make a way for the gospel to be heard…
father, you are the alpha and the omega and hold their stories in your hands…
that one day the name of Jesus would be heard and would be their hearts' desires…
open the doors, Lord. break down the barriers. may the church that exists there preach TRUTH…
how you suffered for us, Jesus. may the people there know how very much you love them…
give them the freedom to speak and to worship. and help us not that these blessings for granted.
i am in the process of finishing the video i put together to show people what p-walking is and that we shouldn't be intimidated by the notion of praying. it's on the docket for tomorrow morning's sunday school class (we're leaders in the high school ministry), so i have to finish! i'll post it as soon as it is finished.
two hours after our walk began, we returned back to our starting point, and were amazed at the lapse of time. how easy it was to pray to our Father for two whole hours! and best of all, the young ladies that accompanied me said their entire understanding of prayer changed through that experience, and taught us all to be a "noticer."
may you all notice something today that sparks a prayer to your abba daddy.


  1. That is so awesome. I just love your heart for China. Of course my heart is there too. :-)

    I love the visual cues idea about prayer! I want to remember that.

    Eileen Kunstman

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the video. Before this post, I had seen you mention prayer walking, but I admit, I didn't knwo what it was.


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