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Saturday, August 29, 2009

avoiding an A.D.D. saturday

glancing around my studio/office, i can see about four unfinished projects that are begging to be finished.
that doesn't count the dishwasher that needs to be unloaded or the open cookbook on my kitchen counter or the ears of corn i've already taken out of the refrigerator as i'm thinking about making the salad i read about yesterday here.
i actually put down the corn and went back to the quilt project i started this morning—re-started is more like it. . . i began that project about a month before bama girl left for college. at least i haven't been sidetracked making that corn thing. . .
ah, but here i am blogging, instead.
well, i walked past the computer and well. . .
it's the story of my life, really.
if i'm thinkin' it. . . i'm sayin' it.
if i'm wonderin' it. . . i'm googlin' it.

oh, look! something shiny!! off i go. . .

maybe i'm not the only creative mind that has an attention span of a two-year-old (not to offend any two-year-olds out there). but this is something i really struggle with.
i have post-its all over my office reminding me of the projects i've begun. . . or need beginning. it's a lousy system, but it seems to cater to my need to jot down things as i think of them. i have a pad of paper, too, but it has hundreds of jottings and none are connected.

just add coffee, and i've got a real mess on my hands!

so my goal today is finish some of the projects that i've started and create some that have been swimming around in my head for a few weeks.
and feed my family.
and be a good wife.
and touch base with a few students.

and shower.

now what did i come in here for?
oh yeah. the pincushion. . .


  1. OMG you sound just like me. I have forever and always will be a wonderer! It can take me days to clean the house because I am forever taken by the attraction of something else.

  2. I LOVE POST ITs! You should see my desk at lesson plan book--both in and out, the notes I leave the hubs. They're the greatest invention ever!


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