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Monday, August 10, 2009

us, forget to get gas?? not us!!

i've taken a pretty good nnm* vacation for awhile, and so thought, now that i'm officially an empty nester, why not enjoy my last nnm/nmcm** opportunity?
(*not me monday ** not my child monday)
i could go on and on about this weekend, but in the spirit of oh, i don't know, keeping my job, i'll be brief.
very brief.
i would never admit to bursting into tears outside the walgreens on saturday morning after buying two sympathy cards for some friends of ours who lost their husband/dad in a car wreck the previous day. i'm sure that preparing to say goodbye to my daughter and her 15 friends didn't put me entirely over the edge that i felt the need to bawl the entire time i made my debit transaction to completely losing it on the threshold to the store. nope, that would be sort of awkward, and snot coming down my face is so not good for business.
and i did let my feelings get hurt that bama girl shooed us out of her new dorm room because she's ready to, oh, i don't know, start her own life without her mommy putting away her groceries and unwrapping all her new stuff?!
it's not like i was trying to move into my own dorm or anything, i mean, jeezopeeze, get a life already! my feelings weren't hurt. okay, they were a bit.
i did not drive five hours back home without crying. that would be an emotional feat capable by only a person with a heart of steel. and that wasn't me. my heart is made of cottage cheese (just like my thighs) and i teared up a few times. it is after all, a normal thing, this growing up and moving away thing. i mean for goodness sakes, it's not like i'm going to home school college, right?
we were not busy talking about stuff that we (well, i'm being generous here by saying "we" since "i" was not driving) took the fork in the road that lead to nashville rather than the one heading to chattanooga. i mean, we don't live in an area even remotely close to nashville, and really were not in the mood to enjoy the view (although the sunset was beautiful) and didn't have 12 miles to enjoy said view as we waited for the next exit. i didn't notice the turn and didn't decide to hold my tongue for fear of being "captian obvious." nope, not me!
and we did not get so distracted by getting home at a decent hour that we forgot to fill up our gas tank after we stopped for a quick dinner at 9:30. i mean, that would be completely scatterbrained to do something that lame. we did not come to a rolling stop in the pitch dark and have to walk along the interstate for two miles to go get gas. that would be the most brainless thing to do, and we would never resort to doing something that sketchy.
and i was not mindlessly texting wonderboy's girlfriend as we passed by her hometown to ask her if she wanted to join us at mexi-wings for a bite (at 10:30) to reminisce over our easter dinner there (hmmmm. car problems again). completely random to text her, and even more random that we ran out of gas as i was texting. her parents were not less than five miles away and totally prepared to save the day. nope, that chain of events would not have all happened on an emotionally charged day that we were so anxious to have finish so we could crawl into our beds. no, not us!
oh, and if you want to check out and see what other people have been up to but won't admit to doing, feel free to drop by jennifer and all her millions of friends. they're not owning up here. oh and if you want to participate, c'mon in. the water's fine! and you might even win something, too!!
oh, and in the spirit of being brief? anyone who knows me that i'm never brief.
nope, not me!!


  1. I am so sorry about your friend. What a tragedy. I'm sure they are comforted by your words and efforts.

  2. Wow. What a emotionally and physically draining day. I hope this week brings very boring, uneventful ones.

  3. Someday you will look back and laugh.... no? ... uh... maybe?

    I can't imagine when this day comes for me... I'm just happy that preschool is starting again! Bucket will go to MDO this year too, so I will officially have ONE SIX HOUR period with not a child in sight. I cry (tears of joy) just thinking about it!

    Do you live in Chatanooga? I have a new friend that lives there she runs a fabulous non-profit for single moms. Her name is Kelly Chambley and I love her dearly.

  4. Home school college? You cracked me up!

    I just remembered, on my way down with my son (who is 23 today today) to move him into his dorm, I was rear ended.

    God loves the drama, doesn't he? But He loves when we use humor more.

    The one time I ran out of gas, the handsome stranger (seriously, hubba hubba) told me it happens to everyone once. So far that's my about you?


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