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Thursday, August 6, 2009

family lives here

my mom was the original mrs. clean. nothing would strike fear in her eyes like a declaration from my sister and i that we would be making cookies. visions of our family being carried out of our home on the backs of an army of ants would play through her mind, and all the color would drain out of her face. my mom missed alot of fun times with us because she was too stressed about being the perfect housewife.
judge me by the tumbleweed-sized dust bunnies blowing across my hardwood floors. or by the dining room table strewn with the latest craft project the girls are into. or my sewing table laden with dorm-room-decor in progress.
i am okay with that. a family lives here. and we're not competing for house beautiful. we're sharing memories and love around here.
and with bama girl leaving for college in (gulp) two days, there's lots to be done and i'm glad i don't have to stress about keeping a perfect home while we suck the life out of the next 48 hours.


  1. Awwww *Big Hugs*

    We did the college transition with Meg last year and it was hard. Well, it was tearful, even though she was only two hours away. It was a mixture of pride and happiness and so many other things. Enjoy the next 48 hours and just revel in her being there.

    I don't even want to think about how hard November is going to be when Meg leaves for the USAF. *sigh*

  2. Good for you. I was so much like your mom with my kids. Let them have fun! Great job.

  3. That is the way to be (: Only one life to live

  4. Great attitude!

    I love the linens you are making for your daughter. I am tearing up thinking about how quickly the years go by.

  5. You're. The. Bomb. That's awesome that you're truly living and not being afraid to make a mess. LOVE the bedding!!!!!!! :)

  6. I love it, the way you write and your pure joy while living the life philosophy :) you left a comment on my blog wanting a makeover... the price of $20 is going to end this week... I'm getting too many orders... let me know if I can help you designing a beautiful blog :)

  7. Well, my husband was raised to always be ready for company to come, only company never came. So, now, even though he's in his 50s, he likes a clean house. A bonus for me, but hard for him sometimes. This summer has been good, we've left the house to do fun things on the day he normally cleans (Saturday morning), and he hasn't twitched (much). We've also had company often, and he welcomes them into our world.

    Our homes are not showplaces, they're meant to live in.


    Hold on for the next two days, you will experience joy with the tears!

  8. Here here sister!! Now can you only convince my husband of that? :) I am ok with a little bit of messiness but that drives him nuts. But that does mean that he helps out with the chores so I guess I can't complain.

  9. I have been reading your sweet/encouraging comments on my blog for quite awhile now. I finally have a few mninutes to come over and leave you a comment. Thank you for your tender heart and prayers for our family. You are a great blessing to me, personally.

    Also, I have read some of your last posts and I love your vulnerability as you share about your struggles...Yippee Jesus! This world needs honest women sharing about the things God is doing in their lives...

    Much love from Colorado,Linny xo


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