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Monday, August 17, 2009

if it wasn't for our weekly cathartic counseling sessions here on "not me monday" i don't know if i'd always wonder, "am i crazy here?" or "am i the only one who suffers from this?" i'm glad there's a forum for all of us to (ahem) not admit to what's been going on. you can check out what everyone else isn't owning up to as well, here at everything mckmama.
okay so last week, while i wasn't wallering in self-pity, lamenting the fact that i'm going to have to replace the revolving front door to my home with an actual real door, despondent over the loss of laughter, raised voices, the smell of paint and the constant recycle round up of half consumed cokes and water bottles, i didn't actually have to come to grips with the fact that both of our kids have flown from the nest. and i didn't cringe slightly at boy wonder's facebook status that said "back in the chatt. . . forever." nope, i did not wish my oversized eaglets would come back to our tiny nest and try to wedge back into a life that is no longer theirs. nope, that would be selfish of me!

when i did not hear from bama girl for almost a week, i did not wonder how i could have raised such an ingrate. i mean goodness gracious, it wasn't like she was swept up into a sea of sorority rushing with nary a minute to grab a shower after trudging around all day in near 100 degree weather. and it's not like all of her 14 other friends weren't calling her on skype the second she arrived back, exhausted and hot. she loves her mommy, but really, who thinks of a mommy when there's college sensory overload to contend with? i did not forget that fact for one minute and slip into a really self-absorbed little mommy-meltdown. i'm way too others-centered for that!!

and i was not so distracted this week that i rinsed out my contact case for the day. .. BEFORE i put my contacts in my eyes. washing two perfectly good contacts down the drain wasn't the least bit upsetting. i mean, it's not like they had two, almost three good weeks left of wear on them! no, i would NOT be that scatterbrained!!

the prospect of going to chattanooga over the weekend didn't have me hunkered down in my kitchen baking peanut butter cookies and making spaghetti sauce.
i didn't put together a little care package for all of bama girl's friends that we planned to visit when we brought boywonder's bed to him. and he wasn't the least bit giddy over a home-cooked meal in the future from his mommy. and none of the kids ripped into the cookies immediately upon gifting.
i mean, eating dessert before dinner is just not done, right?
well, all rules go out the window in college, don't they? nahhh, not these responsible collegians!!


  1. You have a revolving door? I need a picture.
    Why is she "bama girl" just curious:)

    Spaghetti looks yum! I am hoping to head to Chattanooga soon to visit the friend I told you about. WE'll see!

  2. Hey those are pretty cookies! I guess each stage of life brings new things, and I need to enjoy my four rugrats while I can! Sounds like they do love and appreciate you! Happy NMM!

  3. my son will leave for school on thursday I am a bit woried and wonder what will happen if you have any tips would love to hear them

  4. Sooooo much change happening right now. You are doing great and I'm impressed. What's a few contacts down the drain??

  5. Just hopping by from Mckmama's. Sounds like you have an empty nest! Been there, done that already. I kind of like it now that it's been empty for 2 I have grandkids popping in and out!!!

  6. John's sister just went through rush last week. She didn't pledge my sorority, but she seems happy where she is, so I'm glad. What sorority is your daughter in?


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