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Monday, November 30, 2009

anybody home (home home home home)?

there's an echo in my head.
i kinda thought it was gone.

just when i was getting the hang of my empty nest, it got emptier feeling yesterday.

my birds were home this weekend. the entire extended flock were over wednesday nite for a bonfire. and some petros. mmmmmmm. what fun. to have christmas music blaring over the outside speakers, the smell of campfire clinging to their clothes, the gaggle of kids huddled around the computer as they shared their favorite youtube videos and the eruptions of laughter seriously made my heart feel as if it might explode. (the only downside was the lost battery charger and the very dead battery of my camera. booooooo.)

i've missed my birds.

after a luxuriously long weekend of family, food and fellowship, my birds have returned back to their respective roosts, and my nest has more room in it than i'm sometimes comfortable.

ask me last week at this time how the empty nest thing was going, and i would answer with an enthusiastic FINE!!

and it is fine. really it is. they are just where they are supposed to be and are thriving and experiencing life as it is meant to be lived. (i.e. not in their parent's home) i want my birds to learn to fly on their own. i will not be here for them forever. it's time. and i'm okay with that.


it's just that i was getting used to that whole idea and then they came back to our nest. and it felt all snuggly and right.

i'll get used to it again. really, i will.

but then they'll be back for christmas.

i love my little migratory birds. i'm looking forward to them coming home to roost for awhile. and i'm sure i'll get over my empty nest again.

and again.


  1. Ugh. I was SO thankful that preschool started again today, so happy to send Ironman off w/ his backpack (or without apparently) to school w/ Daddy...

    But I dread the day they leave for good. After THAT long of living to sustain them, what will I live for? *sigh* I suppose the possibilities are endless! Who knows where we'll be at that point in life! Hopefully waist deep in some anti-human trafficking rescue mission :)

  2. I always am so excited when the girls go "visit" grandma...making plans of all the fun things I'll do ALONE, but by the 2nd day...I am missing them! :)


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