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Friday, November 13, 2009

cornflower skies and autumn

bathed in the morning sunlight…
is the tree outside my door…
spectacular visual poetry…
written by our Creator…
a symphony of colors…
singing praises to the King…


  1. beautiful pics! I wish I had that talent, but I'm thankful for the ones I have:)

  2. Wow those colors are strikingly beautiful!

  3. amen.

    and how talented of you to have captured it all so beautifully.

    have a happy day. :)

  4. The blue behind it caught my attention. Thank God for lovely days.

    We've all just about lost every leaf up here, so thanks for your "blooming" with color tree!

  5. Beautiful photos and beautiful words! Love it! Thanks for sharing your view of God's magnificent creation.

  6. Those are some of the most beautiful Fall pictures I have seen. Thank you for sharing them.


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