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Monday, November 23, 2009

i am alive… barely

just a quick post to say that
a) the two day bazaar (or should i just say bizarre) is over. we sold some stuff, but overall was a giant disappointment. lots-o-stress for nada.
b) our family's business that has been undergoing some economic-times struggles is still alive… but it's tough times right now
c) kids are returning from college this week
d) lots of responsibilities for the fam business = my life is not my own.

stress is really rocking my world right now. and so is time management. and shepherding young adults is proving to be challenging.

never had a panic attack until this week. i'm still convinced i have a heart issue. lamenting the fact that i should have been in better tune with my body via yearly physicals. ( i have one scheduled for dec 3. new dr. because the old one is out of network)
thinking about this is causing my heart to race.

stop the ride.

i wanna get off.


  1. I never had a panic attack until the summer. Mine isn't generally heart palpitations, although it can be. I feel very hot and lightheaded. It's great.

  2. you better take care of yourself little lady!!!

  3. Deep Breaths and go to the doctor! Don't mess around with that stuff!

  4. do need to go have a doc look at you!!!!
    take care of yourself :)

  5. sounds like you have A LOT on your plate my dear!

  6. Sometimes a new doctor will see things even a good, fromer doc did not. December 3 is close, but until then, enjoy the time with your kids and the holiday.

    We are having some financial stress in our life too, things seem to be getting worse instead of better. This week off couldn't come at a better time--though I am missing out on tutoring income.

    You give such good advice to others, what are you giving yourself right now?

    Hugs from IL

  7. I've started having panic attacks over the last two years. I am actually trying to set up an intake with a new counselor (I want one closer to our new home.) With allof life's stress it certainly can't hurt!! Play some music and sing out loud- I tried it today and it felt great!

  8. oh dear....thinking of you....with the panic attacks....i have been having vertigo...yuck....i hope i am getting better with some meds. praying for you too. hope your thanksgiving was good

  9. Catching up with your blog...I've been MIA from the computer outside of work hours lately.

    Anyway, I know you've already been to the doctor (hvaen't gotten to your more recent posts yet), but maybe you have PACs? I have them, especially when I get partically stressed, sleep deprived or caffinated. If I'm any mix of those 3 things, then I am definitely having some heart issues!


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