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Saturday, November 14, 2009

hand in hand

i have a lot to do today. i had a lot to do yesterday, and i even managed to get most of it done. it wasn't easy, though. and i was up at 4 am so technically, i should have been able to get everything done, my house cleaned and meals for the next two weeks made and in the freezer.
but i have A.D.D.
so i began several of those things in the midst of doing what i was supposed to be doing. and i did watch an old episode of grey's anatomy (did you know lifetime is showing them from the very beginning?? my DVR is in heaven!) and clean my office some and begin to organize some paperwork. oh, but it's beautiful outside. i'll take some pictures. and edit some pictures. and post some pictures. oh. work. yes. back to work.
so i have a lot to do today. it's saturday. and i have a show on friday where i have to have plenty of my wares to sell (photos to come late in the week). we're trying to get this little business endeavor off the ground, but i still have responsibilities to keep first. wife. family business. mentor.
so in the midst of all i have to do, i'm also a classic procrastinator. did i mention the tree out front that is a cornucopia of autumnal color?
i have work to do.
and blogs to stalk.
and dust to eradicate.
A.D.D. + procrastination = bane of my existence.


but did you see that rose blooming right in the middle of fall?

spectacular. must get my camera.


  1. I think I have that too. I start in one place and a few minutes later end up somewhere else. I do that with blogging too. I read, go over to a link on the blog and it seems like hours later I am back where I started. Must read and not go to their links! Same with cleaning!

  2. #1. you made me smile at the comment on my blog. in case you don't get back over there, just wanted to let you know, I love the "blessing tree" idea. we've been out doing a local mission project since early this morning, it's beautiful here today. i just walked back in to my house and thought i should've just had the volunteers come on over to my house. i do the same thing, i start one thing and wonder around doing 59 other other things and completing nothing. have a wonderfully productive day. ps: fa la la la la la la la la! (working on not being a scrooge)!

  3. And I for one am glad you did (get your camera, I mean).

  4. Lol, ok, that sounded creepy. HA! Just meant that you came to mind today and I noticed you've been silent for a few days. Hope all is well!


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