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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

all quiet on the home front

 nothing like a beautiful blanket of snow to cover the crustiness of winter brown. it's beautiful. 

the first day.

we are on day three of winter shut-down, and school is already cancelled for tomorrow. not that i have to worry about that since my kiddles are no longer at home.

all is quiet.

abruptly so. 

bamagirl left a day early because of projected nasty weather coming through. huntsville got a foot of snow. tuscaloosa just got rain… the freezing kind. about 1/2 of ice. niiiiice. so thankful she left early. she missed it by a day. whew!
boywonder went back on sunday and made it back in plenty of time to receive 8 inches of snow. school was cancelled on monday, and they won't be heading back on wednesday either.
brrrr. this is so unusual for us… i think this is the 5th or 6th significant snow we've had since the beginning of december… unheard of in these parts. we're "lucky" if we get one!
the three low-riders are not fans. we had to shovel a place in the grass so they could pee. 
we let them out the front so they could frolic on our way to the mailbox… they frolicked. briefly. 
then they were shivering so we had to go in. should have cut some holes in a few legwarmers and made little body socks for the dogs.

it's quiet here. blanketed by a beautiful snow. alone in our empty nestedness. i like my empty nest. i do. but every january… it takes me a day or two to get used to it again.

we just came in from dinner. the ground is sparkling with the crystals of ice and new snow is flurrying. i don't think it will amount to much… other than another day off for the kids tomorrow. 

here's where working from home is not an advantage! no excuses!


  1. We finally got some snow today. Yesterday was a bright sunny, warmish--almost 30!-- day, and today was gray and snowy. Both were pretty. No canceling school here. Game on!

    That's okay, I'd rather have my days off in June than in January.

  2. We have snow, too. But it's got to be a foot or more for them to cancel school in CO. I'm about to head out on errands, if The Engineer's car will start. He stole mine this morning when it was -1 and the 1986 Volvo said no thanks. My 1994 beauty got him to his weekly accountability breakfast club, no problem. Even though you have to work, you should treat yourself to something special. Perhaps a cup of good tea and a 15 minute sanity break?

  3. we're under about 6 inches of snow, and it never got above about 12 degrees today. so no melting in sight..BRRRRRR!

  4. Good grief, it's everywhere!! My daughter from Dallas just sent me a similar pic on her cellphone!

  5. I am so over snow!!! great pics though! love the ones of the low riders.

  6. Wow. Our winter started off colder and more snowy than usual, but the past week or so has been unseasonably warm. Perhaps we've traded climates?

  7. The snow is beautiful, great shots! Love the dogs running around in it. I bet Skye would have fun.


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