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Thursday, January 6, 2011

yes to the dress

i actually went on vacation.
but it was only for about a day and a half.
we gotta get what we can get when we get it!!

the hubs and boy wonder went out to colorado to do a bit of skiing. the bamagirl and i elected to stay put. we don't speak snow. or skiing, thankyouverymuch.

instead, we headed to atlanta for a bit of shopping. which is good. neither boywonder or the hubs speaks shopping. so all is well…

we needed to score a dress for the big debutante affair in mid-april. the word on the street is all dresses here in town are on back order and getting them in time would be a stretch.
what's a girl to do??

why go to atlanta of course!!


i don't do atlanta.
i barely do shopping!


i can do atlanta.


i can do this. i can do this.

i can do this.


at this point, i thought my holiday lamaze breathing was over. no worries. i can continue the heeeee heeee whoooooooooooooo

hey. let's stop at this bridal shop in chattanooga. you know… just to check.

she found five she liked. tried on the first one. mmmmmmmm. i liked it. she liked it. her friend liked it…

she tried on two. three. four and five.
we kept coming back to number one.

it's discontinued.


can we still get it in her size?

yes. but the price. it's different.


can you say 1/4 the original price!!??

i can say 1/4 of the original price!!

she said yes to the dress… i said YES TO THE DRESS!!

the train will be removed… but this is it.
in all it's grainy cell phone photoness…

we had so much fun in atlanta. we didn't have to worry about shopping for the dress so all we had to do was play, play, play! i still broke out in hives, but it's okay. the girls had a blast…and i did too.
i discovered my new favorite store on the planet is anthropologie. art museum + cute clothes + creative home furnishing/bling =!
super thankful for intentional time together.


  1. Nice choice, with such a pretty design to the back.

  2. So glad she found a dress, it's beautiful. I have been in love with Anthropolgie for a few years now. Glad you had a nice time in Atlanta!

  3. ANTHRO is MY favorite store! And OMG, she is gorgeous in the dress! It fits her perfectly---congrats!

  4. Gorgeous!

    We have an anthro here and i know I would love it, but I don't get out much. I think you have motivated me to check it out!

  5. Wow, that's gorgeous! Sounds like a good time, too.

  6. i just got a shirt from it! but we don't have a store anywhere near here....that is good for my checkbook...:)

  7. very pretty dress!! Wedding dress shopping can be very difficult. :)

  8. Great choice on the dress. I love it, and it will be perfect with the train removed.


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